Where’s Syppo?

September 5, 2008

Just in case you wanted to pick me out of a crowd this weekend or next week, I’ve made a Black Orc named Syp (whee!) on the Charce server.

This is true: you get a tome unlock for making me your friend, and a new title: “Chrono Chaos Time Traveler”.



  1. Awesome! I just got in too. I have a Chosen named Epigone I’m gonna test again.

  2. open beta started? i thought it was on 7th

  3. Mental note: Kill Syp on site. Got it. >:->

  4. Did OB start?! I thought it wasn’t till the 7th also.

  5. Preview weekend + started with a 2 day headstart for any original preview weekend invitees.

  6. @Iazi – for US only. EU names aren’t in the list so we ain’t getting in 😦

  7. So I preordered a few weeks ago and have an open beta key. Will I be able to play before the 7th? Also, where do I download it so I can play? Sorry to ask questions here… at work and wanting to know 😛

  8. If you got into the preview weekend a couple weeks back, yes, you can play tonight and tomorrow. Otherwise, the pre-order (for US at least) saves you a spot for the open beta starting on the 7th.

  9. The title thing is just too cool. I’ll be playing Order, but I may just have to roll one Destruction character just for that.

  10. Thanks for the reply Syp.

  11. Meh, you suck. I should know better by now. 😦

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