Patch 4.1 Thoughts

September 5, 2008

With the open beta comes a new patch, the much-anticipated 4.1 (where did 3.6 go? or 4.0? these things are a mystery). I won’t post all the patch notes here — I’m sure a million other sites will do so — but instead just a few notes on what I consider to be the highlights:

  • Book of Binding is now an ability, not an item – Good move; it frees up one more slot in our inventory, which I can’t complain about. I just hope the zero-cooldown hasn’t been increased.
  • +25 AP at RR 65 and RR 75 — now, more great reasons to get those renown ranks up!
  • +1 mastery point at RR 40, 50, 60, 70, as well as +1 point to all three paths at RR 80 — I talked about this a little while ago, but being able to look forward to more mastery points after you hit rank 40 is a great thing.
  • Death system changes — you get a 1-minute debuff if you’re resurrected, otherwise you’re going to have to take a hit points hit once you release (15 min debuff in PvE, 3 min debuff in RvR). People are going to whine and complain about this, I’m sure, but there did need to be a penalty for dying in this game other than a short break before you run back into the fray. It’ll make people a bit more cautious, to be sure.
  • Archmage — gets more duration on abilities, which means more healing power or dps. Good.
  • Other classes — lots of moving skills/abilities around, mostly buffs to skills.
  • Engineer — the class got a major overhaul, particularly with its turrets. Hopefully that’ll translate to more flexibility and damage.
  • Magus — another major overhaul, looks like their much-belittled dps is going to receive a serious hike. 2 second demon summons!
  • Squig Herder — the Squig Armor is now level 9 (from, what, level 30?). On the whole, SH’s have been toughened up and given more dps, which should bring this class back to par again.
  • PQs — looks like they’re increasing the contribution score for the top two contributors. Also, more PQ loot drops for chapters 1, 2 and 3. Should make the beginning game more fun.
  • Personal and Guild Vaults — WOOHOO! 80 spots of glorious storage space. Great for crafting.
  • The Auction House is up, and I’m eager to see how well it performs. I think WoW’s AH set the standard, while LOTRO’s left a bit to be desired.
  • Open RvR ruleset — Always flagged but safe in chapter 1 hubs and capital cities, you will be chickened if you go into a lower tier (boo). This auto-chickening makes me wonder about the issue of out-leveling Tome content. I really want to hear a dev speak on this.
  • Tome of Knowledge tutorial — GREAT idea. *applause*
  • Lots more Tome content, including tons of rewards (cloaks, tactics, pocket items, set items and trophies). They’ve also included tooltips to help you understand how you can get these rewards (nice). More Tome stuff = a very very happy Syp. The Tome’s been reskinned and formatted for easier use (a complaint I heard often from the preview weekend)
  • Fixes to AI and pet pathing, textures, etc — good stuff, as promised.

All in all, this is a MASSIVE patch, and I can’t wait to see the new Tome and PQ tweaks!



  1. […] Syp, for posting the patch notes, which I saw myself this morning after patching. Here are the Archmage changes: Storm of Chronos: […]

  2. Can’t wait to try out the new Tome!

  3. Hehe, you should get chickened even if you want to gank in Open RvR.

    The price to pay so you can destroy other peoples’ PQs and questing.

    Roll on core plox

  4. Syp i’m really digging the overhaul to the global cooldown. Everything just feels smooth as butta now.

  5. About the new increased Death penalties… you can still pay a healer to remove the debuffs so… its not a huge impact overall unless you’re dirt poor or forget to use the healer.

  6. […] and Open Beta launching this Sunday, path 4.1 was released today! Reading the highlights over at Waaagh! there is very exciting improvements from the last PW Flea and I played in: auction house is […]

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