Something That Always Amuses Me

September 4, 2008

I love how some folks are when they flame a post on a blog or forum and they want to be especially devastating — you can just see the gears grinding away in their heads as they formulate the most caustic strike possible — so they do that thing where they sarcastically pretend to be very polite and respectful?  It’s easy to spot those flames: they use the word “sir”, and it always makes me laugh.

Thanks for giving me a good chortle this morning, Sir Royale.



  1. Ha, I like the secone

  2. I have the benefit of having a “character” behind my blog, so I always take the flames and turn them upside down with a bit of positive sunshine.

    I honestly think blogposts that flame other blogposts are the worst. Are people really that short on material that they have to go rant about someone else’s? There’s criticism (valuable) and there’s ranting (not valuable). Then there’s pie (infinitely valuable), but I digress.

    The problem is that this behavior is not limited to blogs.

  3. Well, his use of the word “fail” is another indicator. What is it with the fascination with this word in the MMO world?

  4. When I was in high school I wrote a paper. *pause for flashback* My English teacher failed me for the paper and her reasoning was; she didn’t get it and stated faults in my paper. I didn’t get called Sir but about a month later my paper was published in the local news paper. I was told it was brilliant by others. My conclusion is, Sir you just don’t get it. Thanks for great post Syp, I get it.

  5. I’m guessing they heard the word ‘fail’ a lot out of game?

  6. http://www.cracked.com/article_16605_8-most-obnoxious-internet-commenters.html

    Just thought this might brighten your day.

    Not sure what category Royale falls under…but I’m sure he’s a combination of quite a few of these.

  7. You sir, fail.

    At something. Or other.

    You mean like that?

  8. “Bwah hay hah! My opinion > ur opinion because I called you st00pid! That’s all it takes! Baseless claims and pointless statements may run amok as long as I slander my opponent in the most base and simplistic way possible (which is good, because it’s all my brain can handle). I am a hecklr and it’s what I do…until I get a girlfriend. Do you know how I can get one of those? I guess not since ur st00pid.

    “I’m lonely.”

    ~Sir Thade, the idiot thespian

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