Random Thoughts From A Thursday

September 4, 2008

When riding your bike in to work, make sure your tires are properly inflated. Otherwise, you could be huffing and puffing to an insane extent, assuming that you’ve just gotten even more out of shape since last week.

It stormed last night, here. I took the dog out to do her dirty work (I think she works for the doggie mafia) when I turned around and there was the BIGGEST FREAKY SPIDERWEB EVER KNOWN TO MAN. It’s like someone took the movie set from Arachnophobia and forced Charlotte the spider to work at gunpoint until she created something that would cause me to wet myself when I turned around in the middle of a thunderstorm to see this shroud of death with a huge spider-monster in the middle of it. I took pictures, but I’m too lazy to upload them. I did, however, wake my wife up to talk about how big and scary it was, which then caused her to not fall asleep for the next hour. Dumb Syp.

If Mark Jacobs would like any blogging tips, I am not short on opinion here. Perhaps a new visual theme, yes? Maybe the use of ironic and/or funny pictures with each post? Here, I’ll help you get started, Mark.

Speaking of whom, I had a dream last night and I’m very, very certain Jacobs was in it. This is perhaps a new low in the realm of internet game addiction, but at least it wasn’t anything too embarrassing. It was more me stumbling into a room that was both a gaming convention and a vampire opera theater, and Mark was there and I made some sort of joke about how, if he wanted to crack me one for all of the grief posts I did on WAR, he could feel welcome. Then I think I turned into a bat and flew away.

So I read this post at The North Tower this morning and was like, “Yeah! You go girl! Or boy! Preach it!”, but then had to pause to consider the massive hit bump I just got over the past day from being one of the blogs mentioned on Massively. Hm. Awkward.

I actually stayed up to watch a political convention speech last night. That makes a grand total of one for my entire life thus far.

My wife loves crunchy peanut butter, yet I like creamy.  Who is right?  WHO?!?



  1. Crunchy is better.. hate to bust anyone’s bubble.. but it simply is. 😛

  2. As to the peanut butter, there can be no winner.

  3. Incidentally, I’m a dude. Jus’ sayin’.

  4. “Who is right? WHO?!?”
    She is, if you want a quiet life. 😀

  5. OMG, the above posters are on crack. Smooth FTW

  6. Mark Jacobs seemed to be very prolific last night.

  7. Creamy, but keep it to yourself. 😉


  8. Crunchy, definitely better than creamy.

    and Syp, you got one watched convention speech more under your belt than me :P.

  9. Crunchy > Creamy. Creamy + Peanuts = substitute Crunchy.

    Wife: 2, Syp: 0

  10. Creamy. There is no other.

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