September 4, 2008

I know GenCon Indy wasn’t as big as PAX and all that, but I’m still at a loss why the interview I did with Jeremy Dale got absolutely no mention outside this blog, and yet if a Mythic dev sneezed at PAX and Massively wrote up an interview with the mucus, it was all over the place like a hot potato.

Maybe I need to start throwing random crazy into my interviewing technique:

ME: So, Jeremy, what do you think about the current MMO market and the inclusion of yet another fantasy title into the genre?

JEREMY: Well, um, you have to appreciate that–

ME: Psyche!  This question was actually about Jell-O pudding.



  1. I personally thought it was one of the best interviews I read, that is pretty ridiculous that it got no mention.

  2. You make Massively look bad, with your mad-l33t interview skills.

    Perhaps you could try encoding hidden messages from your interviewees into the post… That’d make headlines. 😉

  3. Hidden messages?!

    q: !emaf-e erom em eviG

  4. You know what is strange, I actually understand that. If you focus really hard it says “Give me more e-fame! q:”


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