First Impressions – Shaman

September 2, 2008

Short and ugly, that’s how they make them in Mythic country. At least when it comes to goblins, the shortest, most deformed and yet most lovable Warhammer race. Joshbarnett sneered at me from across the character creation screen, his yellow eyes belaying a hatred of a thousand dying suns. Also, I think he wanted a donut.

As the counterpart to the Archmage class, Shamans contain many of the same abilities: you can toss out healing or damage spells, and as you do so, you power up the opposite set of skills. After five damage spells, my first healing spell was downgraded to “free” and “instant”. It’s a nice way to keep people from doing nothing but healing or damage, and also to give you a free quick heal in the middle of combat.

I liked Joshbarnett well enough, especially the green, glowy, wavy spell effects that he used to send his foes to a radioactive hell. He also reeked of charming personality – when he ran away, he screeched “Not in the face!”, and had a truly awesome /special ability. Oh, by the way, /special is to WAR as /dance is to WoW – it lets each race have a special emote that’s often funny or… well, different. Goblins clutch their heads, fall to the ground, and run in circles lying on their side. It’s how I get out of dinner parties when I’m bored with them, to tell the truth.

Joshbarnett got pretty lazy, exploring around and poking his ugly face where it didn’t belong. At one point I ended up in a squig tunnel, and being impatient as I am wont to do, I just ran out without fighting to clear a path. You probably know the drill from there on out: a hundred squigs following me into the sunlight, paring my flesh down to the bone like little bouncy piranhas until I got to make a special trip to the rez point.

I did the Chapter 1 PQ and, joy of joys, actually placed first this time. It only netted me a green piece of body armor, but still… first! My mother would be so proud if she cared about this sort of thing.

I also finally figured out how the “defensive target” thing works. After spending tons of time experimenting with shift-clicking and alt-clicking and cluck-clicking, I realized it was a lot simpler than that. Your defensive target is the last friendly person you clicked on (or alt-tabbed), and it remains so until you get out of range or switch to another target (or click on yourself/hit F1 to target yourself). If there’s no defensive target selected, you yourself are the target by default.

Otherwise, Josh and I just poked around a bit, entered Chapter 2 and realized there were three PQs in that area, not just one – I guess it might help to run between them and see which ones people were working on. The landscape in the first zone, at least, is pretty darn linear – you have to really work to get out of where you should be to where it’s deadly dangerous.



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