On Guilds

September 1, 2008

If anything’s made me nervous about my initial days in Warhammer Online, it’s the guild situation.

Lots has been made about how important guilds are to WAR, and how important — and more enriching — it will be for you to join a guild instead of going solo from 1-40 and beyond. Let’s hop past that and look at Syp’s guild situation.

First of all, big big *thank you* to all of the people who dropped me a line when I last asked for good guild suggestions. I’ve checked out a half-dozen great guilds and bookmarked them for safe keeping. However, right now I’m being loyal to a few friends and am going to test out guilds they picked for launch day.

On the Destruction side of things, Dame Snafzg has reteamed up with a bunch of old DAOC buddies to form Enmity. I don’t know them very well, and they are leaning toward an open RvR server (yechh), but the chance to run around with Snaffy and blog about how many terrific ways he gets himself killed is a hard one to pass up. I’ll probably make either a Magus, Squig Herder or Marauder at launch.

My main will probably be Order, however. Two friends from WoW, Moxie and Mike, are making the defection over with me, and I’d be remiss not to team up with them for the third MMO so far (we first met in LOTRO). Over the past month we’ve “sampled” a number of promising-looking guilds, trying to find that right mix of friendly, casual, mature and fun. The Mistwalker’s (sic) was quite welcoming and looks to have what we need in spades.

Still, I feel uneasy. Partially because I miss my guildies from WoW — not the game so much, but the guild members who kept me interested in that title long past its expiration date. I’m sad that many of them seem to be sticking with it instead of trying WAR out, but who knows… maybe that will all change in a few months. Logging in was a lot like TV’s Cheers… I’d instantly see about 10 “SYP!” yells across guild chat, and I couldn’t help but smile and then /gkick someone because I’m a heartless officer in need of a good power trip.

It’s also partially because I hate starting over in guilds. If you can’t tell by now, I’m a bit of a smartas…terisk, especially in guild chat. But when I join a new guild, I feel as though I need to mind my manners, pay my polite dues, and become an accepted enough staple before unleashing random penguin ballads in the middle of guild raids. Joining new guilds is essentially undergoing a testing process for a whole batch of new friends, and it can be an exhausting, somewhat terrifying social experience. You don’t know if these people get your humor, you don’t know who’s the ego-maniac who needs validation when they get good loot drops, and you are clueless as to the real power structure and relationships. You are, really, an outsider that everyone looks at warily and makes an unannounced judgment upon by the end of the first or second week.

So I don’t know what the future holds with either of these guilds, but I’m willing to give them a good shot. If not, the hunt will begin. It would just be a lot easier all around if the first time’s the charm.



  1. I solved the problem by creating my own guild. I’m now enduring ribbing from a friend that says I have a God complex.

  2. Enmity sounds cool. I checked out the site but didn’t see anywhere to apply. Are they closed, at the moment?

  3. BTW, I’ve been wondering, are you, K&G, and Snafzg all buddies in real life or did you meet through the blog scene?

  4. You should check out Mongbat or one of their alliance guilds

  5. Finding a good guild, especially at the start of a game, reminds me a bit of a fraternity/sorority rush. Stressful, yes, and especially when the game is as dependent on guilds as we hear WAR is. But, once you find that happy place, that magical guild of hope and wonder, well… it’s all worth it. πŸ™‚

    Hey I’m surprised that you didn’t use a graphic of the Lollipop Guild. πŸ˜›

  6. I have exactly the same concern. I’ve been gaming with a small group of friends for the last 5 years. However, we’re too small to start our own and frankly I don’t feel like managing/leading one anyway. I find a lot of the unnecessary drama tiring.

    My first priority is to try and find a fun/mature guild. Here is hoping you find a great guild of your own.

  7. I’m in the same boat

    I had a good Order guild lined up and all ready getting friendly with them on their boards, but my best friend refuses to find an Order class he likes – so we’ll be going Destruction.

    Of course, i have no destruction guild lined up and it’s a little late to start looking 😦

  8. If we do go open-RvR we can join an alliance with Keen! πŸ˜‰

  9. @Raegn – We met through our blogs and ChaosCast! As for Enmity, we aren’t actively recruiting atm. We’re waiting to see who will join us from a pool of friends but may open registrations to fill the gaps nearer to release. πŸ™‚

  10. Since I don’t know what ingame guild control will be like we are using guildportal for now. We are a group of friends from many games organizing on 2 servers one for order one for destruction. We are only looking for mature and casual gamers (hardcore are welcome).We are family oriented so we understand your time is valuable. We are not looking for leaders we are looking for members to join us and become friends. Currently we are very heavy on Destruction side and have approx. 20 members so far. If your interested send me an email lovisla@gmail.com or sign up on the guild portal site.

  11. I was lucky enough to find the perfect guild for me in WoW the very first one I joined and have been in there ever since. This said luck unfortunately puts me in the awkward position of, not only finding a new guild in Warhammer, but not quite knowing how to tell apart the arrogant guilds from the fun and pleasurable ones.

    I’m going to be rolling Order so if you’d like we can find a guild together, that way you will at least know one person :P.

    I’ve perused Mongbat guild and they seem like a right catch.(www.mongbat.com) check it out and tell me what you think.

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