ChaosCast #6: WAR Beta Extravaganza!

August 30, 2008

We promised we would be back with more delicious post-NDA goodies, and back we are! The fellas of ChaosCast — myself, Keen and Snafzg — sat down the other night to chat about all sorts of topics we previously had to keep on the down low, including:

  • What was being in the beta for over a half year like?
  • What feminine mysteries does Keen behold?
  • Why does Syp always choose the hard way to do everything?
  • Will Chaos Dog return?
  • Is Snafzg always a cranky old coot?
  • What are we planning to do for the first week of release?

That… and SO much more, we ought to charge you rent! Tune in — it’s a really great episode, even if we start singing a drunken sea shanty toward the end (or do we?)!

Fun trivia question: to date, what are the six cartoon theme songs we’ve used at the end of ChaosCasts #1-6?


As always, we want listener questions for next episode’s Blow Hole! Just ask us anything in the comments section of this post, and I’ll add them in to the next show.


One comment

  1. […] we might “fix” the Black Guard. Heck, the Black Guard even got a mention in the latest Chaos Cast! […]

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