First Impressions – Shadow Warrior

August 29, 2008

I guess Mythic needed a dump class to gather up all the clichéd nutbars out there for the safety of the rest of us, and Shadow Warrior got the short end of that straw. What, you’re going to play Shadow Warrior? Oh, I’m sure you’ll be the exception to the Legolas-clone crowd who’s instantly attracted to anything with the word “shadow” in it, but I’m going to be over here sipping chai tea.

Nicotine the Shadow Warrior didn’t stand much of a chance with me. Bows and arrows, whoop-de-do. The SW is a high-dps class that offers a unique choice to players – do you want to be the long-range bow-and-arrow dps player, the short-range shoot-on-the-run fighter, or the in-your-face-with-a-pointy-sword guy? Heck, why not all three? Shadow Warriors have the ability to switch between Scout, Skirmish and Assault stances, with corresponding mastery trees depending on your lifestyle. And playstyle. It all boils down to how you want to do a butt-load of damage – I can see Skirmish as being particularly useful in PvP.

Although I’m never too thrilled to be playing Virtual Archery (I prefer shotguns, thank you very much), the SW’s handling of the bow felt a bit different and more authentic. For instance, the Eagle Eye shot skill had my guy lean back and shoot an arrow at a nice fat arc, with resulting twang and thunk. Nevermind that at this point in the beta you couldn’t see the string or arrow when he was pulling back, it still carried some weight to it. Later on, I got a quicker DOT arrow that I could shoot instantly, so it felt a bit more kickbutt to do an Eagle Eye followed by an instant shot and see both arrows land at the same time. Later on, at level 4, Nicotine got a damage boost skill that I’m sure would’ve come in handy if I had not already fed him to the woodchipper.

I did a couple rounds in scenarios, which was nice when I could shoot at a distance without anyone actually attacking me, but direct assaults usually ended badly. As I said, I would probably prefer a Skirmish attack style, just to be able to run and gun a bit more in heavy RvR.

All in all, if this class is what will fill your gullet, then you already know that. It’s not overly complicated – you just need to decide which of three ways you want to pour red hot damage down your enemy’s throat.

Quick Notes:

  • If you get snared or disabled, you get an “Unstoppable” buff that makes you immune to snares for a short time thereafter.


  1. The Shadow Warrior was the first class I really enjoyed playing, personally. I had no delusions of Legolas (though I did run into a SW named “Legolaslol” a few times) or Aragorn or any other elfy idea. It was just something I wanted to try out, and was surprised at how much fun I had. Learned to keep at max range and focus on people with low health, insta-dot anyone that wasn’t paying attention, and run like hell if they closed the gap. Got her to a mighty lvl 8. The whole stance thing started to mess with my head and I don’t think it really mattered at that low of a level anyway, I’ll have to ‘get into it’ more come retail. But yeah, I like this class ^_^

    Though on a different note, I played an Engineer after the SW to see how they faired and I did like them as well, but on the Gates of Ekrund scenario I used the morale ability the knocks people up in the air and back some 15-20 feet, and managed to push people off the ‘castle wall’. Only they didn’t get any fall damage on landing (a 100 foot drop). Any word on that changing? I really hope to assist in falling related deaths and if it doesn’t trigger falling damage I’d be *really* bummed out. >.>

  2. Nice prejudice. Just go back to playing any of the fotm tank come dps classes.

  3. I have a level 19 SW. I didn’t choose the class because of the ressemblance to Legolas. I play the SW because there aren’t many shadow warriors past tier 1, even less in tier 2. Maybe if YOU weren’t so affected by the so called clichés, you would have found that a SW always has something to bring to a fight. Personally, I’d rather be an underdog class that brings something special, than to play a popular class. SW might have been cool for new commers like me, but it is NOT because it has “shadow” in its name.

  4. Levanthe is right. I have a SW in T3, and Im one of a mighty fifteen that I know of. People leave and delete early on.

    I’ve had my SW since release, and I’ll admit its slow goings to level. But its possible, Its fun, and you got to learn to like it and take it like a man.

    As for the punt thing, they dont take fall damage. Get to T3, go to Tor Anrok.. hehe, You’ll like it then.

  5. Not a lot of SWs? If only that were true.

    Get “Warhammer Census” addon and it will show you server and class population, you will be surprised of how many SWs there are. I don’t blame you for defending the class, I wanted to play SW since before the game was released(I hate the Legolas factor but like the lore about them). The only thing stopping me is that there’s too many of them, second only to Witch Hunters(excluding fotm BWs).

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