The WAR Timeline

August 27, 2008

Off and on over the past month, I’ve been cobbling together a timeline of the events surrounding Warhammer Online — its inception, events, milestones and so on. It’s not the sort of thing that’s complete, as I had to find these dates all over the place and I know I’m missing a bunch, but I wanted to get it out to you guys so that you could help me complete it:


I think this’ll be a valuable resource for new players down the road who want to know how it all went down, as well as for veterans who have been there since the beginning and wish to reminisce.

Give it a good read-over, and let me know (with sources, if possible) if I’m missing any key dates!



  1. Nice work, Syp. Looks pretty good to me.

  2. if you’re missing some stuff for the time line why not use chrono chaos to gather the information?

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