Fortune Telling With The Power of POLLS!

August 27, 2008

It’s like we’ve devolved into early summer 2008 again, what with this lull between the preview weekend and open beta. So why not launch yet another huge “What class am I going to play?” poll at WHA, and why not check in with master numba cruncher, Snafzg!

What say you, Snaffy?

He’s pleased to note that the population seems to be balancing out a bit, but the grain of salt you’d have to take with all that would kill a mature moose. I think it’s absolutely hilarious that the three least popular classes — according to this scientific poll — is the White Lion, Witch Elf and Magus.

I don’t think any of these three classes will be hurting at launch, so why is the poll slanting in this direction?

White Lion – As Snafzg mentioned, this class is suffering from a relatively late introduction to the playerbase, but since it received such monumental fanfare (as the last new career for launch), I’d think that would balance out. Pet pathing issues and subsequent reports of lions gone haywire probably drove a lot of potential WL’ers away this past weekend, but those will be fixed. In the end, it’s an elf, with an axe, and a huge lion. That seemed to work pretty well for WoW, and I doubt they’ll be hurting after the first month of play. The White Lion is probably the most pure pet class there is, with one steady pet that grows and gets decorated and (hopefully) will be renamed.

Magus – This is an odd duck of a career, for sure: a “defensive” casting class with a unique movement style (floating on a disc) and stationary pets. Maybe the disc will turn people off to the class, but this is by far and away one of the most visually arresting careers in WAR, and when you throw in pets to boot… yeah, it’ll be okay.

Witch Elf – The sole problem here is painful dps, flagging behind other melee-burst dps classes like the Witch Hunter. If and when the dps is bumped up, people will flood to this class, I guarantee. You got the looks, you got dual blades, you got semi-stealth and a whole rogue vibe… this sort of class is always favored in PvP situations.



  1. I think it would greatly help their cause if you posted a screenshot of the two of us playing our sexy ladies during preview weekend!

  2. All in good time…

  3. I think fewer people choose Magus is because currently Magus is really gimped. Their damage is pathetic compared to other offensive casters, and I’m sure their pets’ AI is probably bugged in some way. I think the disc is the coolest thing about the class, and it changes its appearance as you level, too 🙂 If they buff the class damage, I’m sure more people will pick Magus.

  4. Never really noticed a problem with Witch Elf DPS with a template character. With the right Tactics layout (Taste of Blood, Frenzied Mayhem, Increased Pain, whatever Career Tactic you want) you’ll be doing insane damage. 15% damage bonus from ToB, 15% extra crit chance from FM, and 50% extra crit damage from IP adds up to ridiculous DPS on cloth wearers. Witch Hunters really don’t have a Tactics layout that compares to that.

  5. I didn’t get a chance to try the White Lion, but, inspired by your short features on each class, I did try all of the Destruction classes along with a few of the Order classes, and the Magus was easily my least favorite (with the Shaman also ranking low). Granted I only played for a few levels, but the class just didn’t grab me. The Witch Elf seemed more promising, and I will probably roll one as an alt somewhere behind the Marauder, Disciple of Khaine, and Shadow Warrior.

  6. I’m sure once the pathing gets fixed the pet classes will regain popularity. Regarding the white lion, I nearly threw up when my male toon put on make up. could be a reason why so many people are avoiding it atm 😛

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