First Impressions – Warrior Priest

August 25, 2008

Rainbowbrite came into existence in a cloud of murky apathy. Warrior Priest, eh? Cleric, more like it. Paladin who likes to dance around in cloth for a change. I dunno, I’m just not feeling the divine spirit of this career (although, to be fair, I rarely warm up to this type of character in most MMOs). I made her completely bald with big bulging eyes. That’s what you want to see when you go into a church, right?

Having quested and PQ’d the intro Empire area a bit, I thought I’d finish out my time in these lands with a mixture of exploration and scenarios. At level 1 I entered the queue for Nordenwatch, a pretty neat capture-the-three-points scenario that reminded me a bit of Battlefield 1942’s Omaha Beach level. Except, this time the bad guys were charging up the beach and into our fortress.

Being something as hardcore as a Warrior Priest, I immediately learned that I have a giant “KICK ME” sign on my back. Which I can’t see. But every enemy sure can. It may be a new flavor of PvP warfare, but even WAR can’t get away from the “kill the healers first!” mentality. This would be fine if I could hang back and heal at a safe distance, but the WP is meant for melee combat as well as healing.

Let me explain: the mechanic of the WPs is “Righteous Fury”, an orb that fills up with 250 RF points. This is another alternate form of mana which mostly applies to healing spells (but sometimes combat ones too). Unlike Action Points, RF points don’t naturally fill up very quickly – you need to do one of two things to fill the ball. Either you get into combat somehow and use melee/spell skills that reward you with RF, or you use a skill called “Supplication” which transfers some AP to RF. It’s… okay. I get the feeling that this might be a class that needs a good 10 to 20 levels under its belt before the player starts feeling all cocky and protected, but at level 1 in a terry cloth robe, I was getting smacked up and down the playing field by just about anything that came by. It didn’t help that my melee attack wasn’t too strong or fast, either.

So I generally spent my time lurking back and trying to heal as best I could. I couldn’t figure out how to get the whole raid up on screen so I could target by names, although I’m sure it can be done. I also had no idea how to set a defensive target. So I just looked for guys to heal. In a very small way, WAR helps out with this approach – allies don’t show any health bars above their heads UNLESS they’re hurt and in need of healing. I see a green bar, they get a heal (WP’s start out with a combo direct heal/heal over time spell). It was fun saving guys from annhiliation, but I got a wee bit tired of having naked elf chicks using me for pincushion practice.


I also was a little disappointed with the tab targeting. The targeting circles under your enemy’s feet are often hard to see, as is whether or not you’ve tab targeted the right person. Considering how hectic and wild combat can be, I need to know I’ve got the right bad guy in my sights. (Note: in later gameplay sessions, I started to notice the big honking red ARROW that points down at your target too… I’m a genius!)

Anyway, I think this is a class I’m going to shelve for a good long time, although I’m interested to see what they’d be like in higher levels. Rainbowbrite did have a bit of fun poking around in a little lair, although I didn’t have the patience to really explore it.

Quick notes:

  • You have five trophy slots on your character: the first you get at level 1, the second is unlocked at 10, and so on until your 5th slot is open at 40.
  • I kept getting the “Victim” tome unlock, but when I opened it up, I couldn’t find the entry. Blah.
  • Chaos was using an absolutely sweet hellcannon to blast the good guys away… it had a furnace at the rear and it shot this long stream of black smoke. Nice!


  1. The ‘Victim’ unlock is actually under the enemy class unlock pages. When you get killed by an enemy, you get an unlock for it and a specific title depending on what class killed you.

  2. The warrior priest does indeed start off slow. It used to start off even slower. Once you’ve hit tier 2, of course, the warrior priest pwns, and hard.

    I still haven’t seen anything that’s made me more excited than my old warrior-priest’s armour upgrade that has, carved into the leather cuirass, “YE SHALL SUFFER NOT A HERETIC TO LIVE”. Kickass.

  3. Yeah, it took me a couple of weeks off closed beta to really get the hang of getting raid windows up on my screen at the start of a scenario.. it’s a pain.

  4. I’d imagine you’ll be doing your magus write up soon? =)

  5. Warrior Priest got really fun for me as soon as I hit like lv5 and got the Holy Whup button…the WP “big heal” is a large HoT that works thus:
    – Over 5 seconds (or so) whup the holy crap out of your target with your big-ass hammer
    – Heal your friendly target for 250% of the damage you do (with each hit) to your hostile target.

    So I’d target myself, throw up my normal HoT, then go nuts whupping the bad guys (usually cloth DPS if I had a choice). You put out a surprising amount of damage, and the healing to yourself is a very nice boon to your damage mitigation. The cool-down on it isn’t so bad; I don’t remember what it was exactly, but I used it pretty frequently.

  6. As for the defensive target and raid thing:

    -Defensive target: Just target a friend and they are automatically a defensive target. Target an enemy and your friend will stay targeted and the enemy becomes your offensive target. Have an enemy targeted and target a friend, same result.

    -Show the entire scenario party: Next to the minimap, there’s a “white flag” looking button to the left that brings up all of the groups. Above each group is a checkmark that will display them on the interface. By default, they are kind of stacked on top of each other above your group frames, so you’d need to go into the UI editor to move them elsewhere/turn off group frames/whatever.

    As for WPs, I saw some in the rr6 gear that were laying down the hurt and seemingly invincible…but most classes in rr6 gear were seemingly invincible if others didn’t have them, it seemed.

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