Preview Weekend Review

August 23, 2008

Just because it’s enormously satisfying coming up with the title up above.

Mark Jacobs posted a mid-weekend report on how the flood of incoming new players was taxing the servers, what problems cropped up, and what’s being worked on. You can read about it here on the VN boards.

Obviously, the more players they introduce into the system, the greater the chance that things are going to be broken or discovered to be bugged, and that’s what we’re seeing. But it’s also a good reminder that, as with any patch meant to fix things, it tends to break things as well. The pet pathing and mob AI definitely was not as wonky in the closed beta before the new patch that came out for the preview weekend, and it’s disappointing that some people’s first impression of the game will be mobs fleeing their attacks at mach 2, or white lions going on a safari to Africa. Oh, those lions. They do love the Madagascar flick.

For all of the problems Mark lists, you gotta admit — it’s not that bad when you consider how many new players just got injected into the game. I’m eager to see what they’re going to be doing — if anything — with the global cooldown (GCD) and the responsiveness of the UI. For all the options my characters have, I tend to just jam on one button in the middle of PvP because it’s madness waiting for linked cooldowns and the GCD to try to figure out what skill to use when. I’d like to see that a lot more crisp and responsive at launch.

After Sunday, however… the big blackout curtain falls once again over WAR for a couple weeks. How are you going to be spending that time? I’ve got a lot of work to do to get ready for the fall, plus classes (seminary) starting up in mid-September as well. Actually, I think my first day of class will probably land on head start day. Hm. Think I can skip?



  1. So is beta going to be down again after preview weekend is over like it went down a couple days before it started?

  2. I think it’s imperative to skip! Me, I’ll be travelling home from Games Day. Pah, how dare they lure me to Games Day and then start the headstart before I can get home!!!!

    It’ll be a weird couple of weeks, but I’m looking forward to it.

  3. I was pretty sad that the Dwarf Comb over hairstyle that was available during character creation disappeared after the Beta patch. I really hope they bring that one back at launch.

  4. Syp’s have they posted Head Start program start date yet?

  5. The GCD and response time needs some serious love.

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