WAAAGH!’s Greatest Hits: Under Construction

August 22, 2008

Unless you’re psycho-scary and stalking me and probably lurking right behind my office chair RIGHT NOW (eek!), then you might not know that this is my… drum roll please… 246th post on WAAAGH! since its opening in March.

I fully expect to keep on blogging like crazy through launch and beyond, but as we get nearer to that date, I get a bit concerned that some of the best posts on this blog might get buried for all time, never to be dug out again unless a blogaeologist hunts them down, dusts them off, and puts them in a museum somewhere.

So I need to ask you, faithful readers, for a favor. I’m going to be putting up a “Greatest Hits” section in the right sidebar there with the best, most interesting, most controversial or most well-written posts that’s been done here. Not for my own ego (which inflates and is popped on a daily basis, courtesy of being married, working with teenagers, and falling down for no reason), but to help out newcomers to WAAAGH! who might want to check out the best of the best without sorting through hundreds of back posts.

If you could, take a minute and dig up some of your favorite WAAAGH! posts, and throw them into the comments section right here. If you could include the link URL, that would be even more spiffy, but the title of the article would do just fine. I’d very much appreciate it — thanks!



  1. I like the one were you interview me… Wait a minute… You never interviewed me *tear*. Anyway, I liked PvP and Me: (something, something, abusive something)

  2. The Waaagh photo contest results and the flight controller NDA one are the first two that come to mind. 🙂 Also… the ones on picking out a good name/guild name.

  3. First thing that comes to mind is…sweet lord you post alot. I’m only one month younger on the blog scene and I’m down like…a hundred posts. And I honestly thought I posted to much – so does my wife.

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