ChaosCast #5: NDA, Drop Your Sword!

August 19, 2008

That’s right — as soon as Mythic knew we were holding a brand-new ChaosCast hostage, they quickly caved in and released that pesky NDA. That means you, yes YOU, get to enjoy an all new, all singing podcast full of love, war and late night shinannigans.

In this episode, we talk about the “July” newsletter, being on the outs of the NDA-breaker crowd, NDA predictions (for, like, today), naysayers, marketing gimmicks and some more Warhammer Online sites we like and want to pimp.  Oh, and we happen to talk about beta.  Just a tad, you understand.

Listen to ChaosCast #5 here!

Since there’s a lot to cover between the drop of the NDA and release, we’re recording episode #6 in just a week and a half — and if you have any questions or topics that we should discuss during it (particularly pertaining to the WAR beta), drop a comment in this here post!



  1. I would like to hear more about the PQ reward system.

    How does a tank or healing class stack up to the DPS classes when trying to rank #1 Top Spot on the PQ Participation. It seems that the pure dps like the Squig Herder will always come out on top.

    How is healing implemented into PQ Participation?

  2. in your “don’t miss out” section of links, you have put up ‘chono chaos’ instead of ‘chrono.’ feel free to delete this comment once fixed?

  3. Great podcast again, looking forwards to the next one.

  4. Syp, thanks for the quick mention. Much appreciated for “lesser knowns” like myself.

    I’ll repeat my question from the last time you solicited questions for your podcast:

    “No MMO ever stays the same as it is released. Put on those Nostradamus and Miss Cleo hats and predict the one or two major changes you see to the gameplay one year from September 18th.”

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