Open Beta & NDA – Who’s Right and Who’s Lucky

August 18, 2008

Edit: I confused today’s and tomorrow’s date.  D’oh!

As of this morning, we’re armed with yet two more exciting, crucial dates to our already-packed social calendar. The first is September 7th for Open Beta (cue people screaming: “Only ONE week for OB?” and then they tip over a police car and light a small dog on fire), and the second is, unless Mark Jacobs changes it between now and then, tomorrow August 19th for the NDA lift. At that time, we’ll reportedly get the whole scoop as to why it was so darned important to keep the NDA up for all of us whose names don’t end in -spy, -assively or -spot. I am so eager to hear this, I almost fell asleep.

Zzzz… ANYway, seeing as how tomorrow will probably be a madhouse of posts — you’re going to want to stay tuned to WAAAGH! 24/7 as we bring you a new post each and every minute for an entire day! — let’s see the results to our little office pool we had going over these two dates. We originally thought the NDA drop and start of open beta would be on the same day, but that obviously didn’t happen. So if we let everyone’s guess count for both events, who was spot on?

RJO guessed August 19, so he hit the date spot-on for NDA liftage, and Castigator (ouch) nailed September 7! Awesome job guys! You get… what’s in the box! (absolutely nothing!)

Granted, we saw that a load of people placed their guesses around the middle of August (the 15th in particular) through the first week or so of September, so I guess a lot more of you can pat yourselves on the back for being superior specimens of humanity.

Now we need a new office pool… hm… any ideas?



  1. After a lot of F5s, I finally got the (lame) Download Manager for the OB client to start.

    Now it’s telling me that I won’t start downloading until tomorrow.

    Meh. Good thing I have 20 days to get the client downloaded, I guess.

  2. Wait, the NDA has been lifted?

  3. when GOA will update their site? ;p

  4. Just an update: If you’re trying to get the Download Manager to download the download, don’t be afraid to compulsively hit Check Now for a download spot. After about 15 minutes, I’ve got it coming down at about 1-1.5M a second.

  5. I said September 2nd. I was 5 days off. I’m happy. 😀

  6. Howdy Syp, I got a new pool for ya.
    what guild will first complete a king encounter/city sack?
    when will the first city sack be?

  7. New Office Pool: When will the first person hit lvl 40 after release?

  8. *bows* 😛

    For the record I guessed the week and I guessed a day for “communication to partners”… so I hit it pretty damn square hahaha

  9. What city will fall first? And by “What city will fall first”, I mean how funny will it be when I spray paint “Archmagery, suckas!” on that big floaty cube thing in the center of your crappy little hamlet?

    OH! I went there.

  10. Syp,

    And with your quote of UHF, you officially leap to the top of the all time best bloggers ever.

  11. Office pool: What will be subscription totals by January 1 2009

  12. […] expecting an NDA drop imminently and has lined up lots and lots to post as soon as it does. (I fear Syp’s promise of ‘one post a minute’ precisely because I’m absolutely sure that he’s able to do […]

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