I <3 BFG

August 18, 2008

AKA “The (Hopefully) Final Chapter Of Syp’s Machine Upgrade Saga”

Today was a long day. It was one of those days where you’re just filled with apathy, low-grade depression, and a keen desire to be at home, in bed, watching your favorite sitcom (Arrested Development) for a good six hours without moving — and yet, you have to work for about 12 hours straight, including two and a half hours of meetings. On top of which is my wife who’s sick, which I hate more than anything else. (And yes, ladies, I’m taking good care of her — I’m an expert spoiler when it comes to sickies.)

So it was a nice shiny bonus to a cruddy day to come home and see a UPS box on my front porch. That’s right — mere days after I sent my broken BFG 9600 GT OC away (to Aurora and Wayne’s World), they turned around and sent a new one right on back. WITH a free t-shirt, I might add. I love-a da free t-shirts.

Happily, once I popped it in, it worked perfectly — no artifacts, no BSOD, no infinite looping (knock on wood). I took a spin around Warhammer Online tonight, and it’s no real NDA breaking anything (as if you care) to say that the difference in graphic quality and speed felt like a completely new game.

Tomorrow’s going to be nuts, my friends. As for my part, I’m going to limit myself to three posts, maximum; I suspect there’ll be a lot out there for you to read, and I don’t want to overwhelm you. I think it’s going to be a great day, yessiree.



  1. Hurrah for free t-shirts, I agree, they are one of the big pleasures in life 🙂

    I think we’re also shootig for 3 posts (though it depends somewhat on GOA news, bizarrely – rather than post-NDA stuff).

    Can’t wait to see what you made of it and to listen to ChaosCast

  2. Please overwhelm away. It will just give me that many more questions to ask. Cause I truly will not be satisfied until I can play the game…

  3. Thanks for sharing the photo of you! I was wondering what you looked like :p

  4. Best picture attached to a post yet!
    (Yes it beats the manatee!)

    Good to hear your all set for the upcoming day of reckoning.

  5. I just finished watching through all of Arrested Development (for the second time) last week. What a great show. Also, there’s a movie in the works. I wonder how that’s going.

    Also, last week I got invited to the closed beta (it does exist) and didn’t get to experience it until today because I went on vacation. Great timing, right? Either way, San Francisco was great but I’m glad to be home and WARing it up.


  6. Awesome! congrats.
    And I’m sure those of us not in Beta will be overwhelmed… all that tasty info I’ve been waiting for will finally be out! And at the end of the day, I’m afraid I’ll have a lot of catching up to do. = (

  7. Arrested development is a great show. I guess since I’m about to play another MMORPG it’s time to stock up on DVD’s to watch while I’m playing.

    Funny that I love MMORPG’s so much when no other game genre seems to require a TV to prevent boredom.

  8. Congrats on your replacement card! It makes a world of difference, huh?

  9. Only 3 posts! Cmon man I’m at work and your one of the only ones that isn’t blocked 🙂

  10. Welcome to the game the way it was meant to be played! 😛

  11. Okay its almost 1 pm est. Where’s the post NDA blogs?

  12. Yeah, BFG is great! I ran a BFG 6800GTOC a little bit in the past and it did wonderfully with WoW. I updated to an MSI 8600GT and was disappointed at the increase in FPS. It *did* get better but only marginally and the installation of the thing was a pain. When I update to a 9800GT I’m definitely going BFG again!

    On a different note, I just joined the WAR blog-o-sphere! If you’re interested, check it out at firesofwar.wordpress.com!

    Sorry if the plug is out of place, feel free to delete if so.

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