Drop The NDA, Or The Podcast Gets It

August 15, 2008

That’s right — we here at WAAAGH! Industries are not above a little hostage-taking now and then. Last night, an extremely sick Snafzg, a terribly drunk Keen, and my usual brilliant self got together in the WAAAGH! Cave and recorded a BRAND NEW ChaosCast. It is incredible. It is spectacular. It is, simply, the most beautiful thing you will ever hear. We fully anticipate many listeners removing their ears after they finish hearing it, because it will be the audio apex of their lives.

And here’s the thing — until the NDA drops, we can’t upload it. At all. It’s being held hostage in an undisclosed location, prodded with sharp sticks and allowed only one phone call a day to Mythic Entertainment, begging with a sob-filled voice for the powers that be to drop this silly NDA and let us spill the beans about Warhammer Online already.

Mark? Paul? Jeff and Jeff? You guys have 48 hours to capitulate to our demands, or else the podcast… gets delayed too. And we know that will just really ruin your day.

P.S. – For the rest of you, don’t forget to register your open beta and head start keys today!



  1. Sounds great!

    But aren’t Jeff and Paul at GenCon this weekend? They might be to busy fighting the Nerd Army to hear your demands…


  2. Drop the NDA!!!

    I’d be tempted to drum up a campaign.. but seriously, it can’t be much longer??

  3. Ah, but what savvy, sexy blogger might be going to Gen Con this weekend? HMMM?

  4. Would someone please think of the children!?

  5. There is 2 Jeffs. Why oh why did Jeff eat Josh and then clone himself. WHY! WHY! Drop the NDA or Jeff will eat you all.

  6. Bjork: “I like to spend time with the children.”
    Spaceghost: “Darling, they’re not children, they’re packets of cream cheese.”


  8. Heck you’ll have time to do a follow up Cast before you release the first.

    If what Mark says is correct. 1 more week… gah..


  9. im getting very annoyed at Mythic as us poor europeans who are awaiting registration cannot do so…. its very confusing having 2 websites with GOA rarely updating their website… i go there in a daily basis just hoping that i can start to register my open beta but alas it never appears. I emailed Mythic and they got back to me in a day saying i should contact GOA but heard nothing from them… very frustrating indeed especially as we are drawing close!!

  10. Save the podcast, save the world.

  11. Mark said he “hopes” to lift the NDA next week. Seriously, WTF.

  12. @Kalebron
    those dates are for EU. So far it seems as if beta for EU will be behind US beta, so those dates don’t necessarily apply to everyone.

    on topic: I want Chaoscast!

  13. Why would mark say he “hopes” to lift the NDA next week. What is stopping them from doing that now? Any theories. Anyways for some pre-NDA information Massively seems to have the scoop. I wrote a small piece on that: http://deslisser.blogspot.com/2008/08/massively-pre-nda-look-at-elves-of-war.html

  14. Drop the NDA now! There’s so much I want to talk to other people about, but can’t. Grrr…

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