Mr. Jacobs, Today Would Be Good. Really.

August 14, 2008

Honestly, I’m just kinda pooped waiting for the NDA to drop. Every Warhammer Online blog out there either got super-special permission (head start program?) to jump the gun and dump all manner of NDA crap on us — which I, on principle, am ignoring — or they’re just frustrated they can’t talk about the game yet. I don’t really feel like speculating much more, and whatever enthusiasm I had about NDA droppage has decreased because of the wait.

As for Mark himself, he mentioned last week about three issues they wanted to deal with before dropping the NDA, then a day or so ago admitted it was down to one. Seriously? One issue? Do you really think it’s going to make a tidal wave of difference if you drop the NDA now or two days from now, other than increasingly ticking off beta testers who really want to share their experience? If it’s something they want to add to beta, I can’t imagine whatever it is having such a huge impact that people will play or test it extensively for the incredibly short time until the NDA drops, then comment on it.

Beta’s a work in progress. We got it. Drop the NDA or drop your trousers, either would be more amusing than just sitting around flicking keyboard food particles off my desk.



  1. I’m with you, man. I really don’t like press reporting on a game when they’ve all clearly only played for a week at most, many only for one sitting.

  2. I could be wrong, since I’m not in the beta, but I believe James made mention in a WHA post yesterday that it was related to Auction Houses.

  3. If the one issue he’s talking about is the one I think it is, then yeah I can see him wanting to wait. It was a pretty nasty “issue” to resolve and I can guess not one that they want hanging around with open beta right around the corner. My guess is that the NDA drop and official open beta info will come at the same time.

  4. The gamespy reports were sad. Half the time it was “Not much time to play today”

  5. That was a nice rant. I could feel your emotion coming off the page. I felt your keys on your keyboard getting slammed with every finger tip.

  6. I hear the NDA is going to extend into and past launch date.

  7. My guess is that the NDA drops anytime from tomorrow to Sunday.

  8. Since he said the issue is going to be disclosed after the NDA is dropped I really don’t see the point. We know there’s a problem and that they are working on it, big deal. We’re all drooling fanatics at this point anyway, there’s not much that could deter me, unless maybe WoW offers free sandwiches to come back, and even then there’s only 2 or 3 sandwiches out there that could really convince me.

  9. I understand your frustration, but MJ isn’t a fool. If he’s waiting for one issue then I’d say that he’s waiting because he thinks it /is/ that big a deal, and is worth delaying the NDA drop in order to fix it first.

    Even from the sidelines the difference between

    a) “We have a major issue with X, and are currently working to resolve it”


    b) “We had a major issue with X, but that has been resolved”

    is pretty big.

  10. Syp I noticed you cut your posts down to about 2 a day from 3 😦 I always enjoy reading your posts.

  11. Every ship or no ship decision eventually comes down to one issue. The line has be drawn somewhere.

  12. I have feeling once NDA comes up Syp will be going to town, lol (or already has but can’t post, grrrrr.)

    Either way, in the long run you aren’t going to care when the NDA was lifted, even in a couple weeks you won’t care most likely.

  13. Well there was some date I remember seeing from one of the pre-order partners that stated you could use your open beta keys on August 15th.

    /crosses fingers

  14. Although I can understand why Mythic might want to be careful with their baby I’m bored out of my mind right now. Am in the EU which feels worse in many respects.

    NDA drop soon please. Need info (avalance preferabld) to distract from day to day work gubbins.

  15. Hrrm.. Drop the NDA or drop your trousers


  16. Sadly my attempt to trade jobs with you failed.

    But yes, exacerbated by the fact that recent people who got invited have no place to go to spew their excitement, it’s been an interesting week where I am.

    We’re basically holding back a tidal wave with a toothpick at this point.

  17. Syp is willing to go the extra mile to get that NDA down.

  18. I am willing to dress up as a Chaos Mime and do the dance of a thousand renown ranks if it’ll help.

  19. […] closed beta non-disclosure agreement. I know this has pissed off some dedicated WAR bloggers, like Syp. And I don’t blame Syp. It’s really a shame that his dedication to WAR goes unrewarded […]

  20. I can’t believe they did this. Disgusting. This PROVES they are engaging in some kind of “access for high review” swap.

    Pathetic. 😦

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