July Newsletter Brainfarts

August 11, 2008

While a lot has been going down in our little neck of the MMO universe, it was easy to overlook — and this is true — that Mythic actually released a July newsletter! On August 8! Oh, it was a time for great rejoicing, as the Rebels pushed back the Empire at the moon of Endor, and whiny, petulant child-killer Darth Vader became another misty, annoying Force Ghost.

So without anything greater to do on this Tuesday afternoon (quick, check to make sure the NDA is still up… yup! it’s a trap!), here’s a random assortment of brainfarts as I peruse the latest edition:

  • Set aside any work you are doing and quit any games you may be playing…” – Man, I hope no surgeons read this newsletter during the work day.
  • September 18 to be “Day of Reckoning” – And thus Mythic gives us full permission to be negligent, anti-social, self-absorbed geeks. Gonna be a good day.
  • Pricing – ya ya…
  • Box Art – It kind of looks like a mosh pit at a heavy metal concert, but they somehow managed to get each of the six races (orc, no goblin) into the picture.
  • Pre-order program – mh mm…
  • Prima Strategy Guide – Now, I can’t honestly think of anything more useless than buying a strategy guide for a MMO. Penny Arcade once summed it up beautifully: “A strategy guide? Oh, I have that. It’s called the internet.” Plus, considering how often and wide-ranging MMOs change, any unchanging paperback guide is going to be hopelessly outdated within a few months. Oh, and here’s the kicker — they want you to buy TWO separate guides, and try to entice you with a “special in-game item”. Pass.
  • Mythic name change – Cool.
  • E3 Coverage – Grats to the Mythic team on their five awards!
  • Dungeon diving with Gunbad – Gunbad is one of the two dungeons we’ve been hearing a lot about, and I’m eager to see more. Good to hear it’s got wings, although the “open dungeon” aspect gives me pause.
  • Trailer teaser – Well, it’s three seconds of what looks to be a massive battle, and yet people are just flipping out over this like it’s the second coming of Calvin and Hobbes. I’ll prefer to wait, thank you very much.
  • Scenarios – Two words: WAR football! Too bad I hate football! But it still looks nifty.
  • City Capture Podcast – We finally get a clear picture of how the newly altered end game of WAR is going to work, and I have to admit, it does seem pretty cohesive and epic. While I can’t wait to see the other 4 capital cities, it looks like they can plug them into this system easily enough.


  1. I know its being picky but I enjoyed playing “where’s wally” on the box art when I first saw it and there is indeed a Goblin on the Box art circled in the pic below. πŸ™‚

    There is also a Squig Herder that can be seen in the full picture in the newsletter.

  2. I love open dungeons, and after years of WoW instances, I can’t wait to be able to explore a little more freely.

  3. I still don’t get it how you can call it football when you play with your hands. And then you dare call our football for soccer, when we play with our feet. *shrug*
    You are weird across the sea πŸ˜‰

  4. Good call on the goblin!

  5. I refuse to call it WAR football unless it somehow involves punting a dwarf across a field for the kickoff.

  6. I’ve never used a strategy guide for an MMORPG but the Prima Atlas for DAOC was constantly open on my desk. Given the technological age we live in today, the only benefit I really see is having it for quicker reference than alt-tabbing.

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