The 230

August 10, 2008

It seems that with every interview Paul Barnett gives, people love to latch on to a particular quote until it enters that multi-volume lexicon that is The Quotable Barnett. I say this because his latest bloggable blurb has to do with the apparent paring down of around 250 Warhammer Online classes to the current 20.

Instantly, this brings to mind a Survivor-type island reality show, where the different classes are pitted against each other to see who can build the best shelter, triage gaping chest wounds and how much “downtime” they spend with their cute co-ed classes. It must have been pretty brutal… 230 figures lying dead in the sand a week later, their hands clutching empty air and false hope… the sea gulls pecking at their hard-earned trophies… the waves crashing over wasted influence… the sun turning 230 sets of armor into E-Z-Bake Ovens.

It was a tragedy. Let us tip our hats for these 230, including our beloved:

  • The Mad Flapjacker
  • Chaos Possum
  • Brad McQuaid
  • Sinus Infector
  • Bob
  • Clumsy Cannibal
  • Painbow Spite
  • Meatbag
  • Night Elf Mohawk
  • Jedi Princess
  • Driver’s Ed Instructor
  • Grandmaster Peggle
  • Creepy Older Guy At High School Parties
  • Underwear Inspector #31
  • Drescher Groupie
  • Killer Rabbit
  • Misguided Fool Who Actually Thought Chicago The Movie Musical Was Anything Other Than Boring Crap
  • Razor Slinky

Which other ones will you miss?



  1. Personally, I’m a fan of Indie Music Snob, with his hat of +5 Pretentiousness. He throws down obscure bands names. Neutral Milk Hotel! Architecture in Helsinki!

  2. He was miss quoted, Mark talked about it on WHA. Would find the post but site is lagging badly.

  3. Uhm, actually that was a misquote. Probably taken out of context as well. It was in the same interview when Paul apparently said “WAR is pretty much done, we can ship now”. MJ posted about it on WHA. Journalism at it’s finest.

  4. Well of course it was a misquote — everything Paul’s said in the past two months gets chalked up to that — and out of context. That’s the fun!

  5. Debbie Downer and Saigon Sally were cut. RIP

  6. Peter Cetera Look-alike
    Vampiric Bambi
    QVC Host
    Key Grip

  7. Consequently…this is also how WAR’s classes were balanced. šŸ˜‰

  8. Newt-on-a-Stick Vendor
    Toy Maker (Elves Only)
    Waste Management Supervisor
    One of the Wayans Brothers
    Official Vegemite Taster
    Dennis Quaid

  9. Holy Granader
    Rock Guitar User
    Battle Mammoth Rider

    They all RIP šŸ˜¦

  10. i will surely miss the chaos war-juggler

  11. Candymancer

  12. Poor Magikarp got cut out. šŸ˜¦ His attacks were far too weak and couldn’t be given any stronger attacks than it’s legendary Splash Attack.

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