A Very Special Guest Post

August 8, 2008

Howdy from Texas!  It be hot!  I be out of the loop!  So here, for a special treat, is my friend Lance — who knows nothing about Warhammer Online — talking about Warhammer Online:

Yes.  I know nothing.  Looks fun though, fun and time consuming in a really fun make my wife angry cause I haven’t come to bed in four days kind of angry.  Hmmm…  Been a while since I’ve done laundry, but I am not sure how much that relates to knowing or not knowing about Warhammer.  Nothing maybe. 

Japan.  Let’s talk about Japan.  Ever been there?  Small group of islands over there.  Land of the Rising Sun, but surprisingly, the Japanese don’t really know that expression.  My father gave a speech at my wedding last March, and made reference to the Lone Star of Texas and the Land of the Rising Sun coming together.  The Japanese audience were a bit clueless.  My wife (Japanese) asked me what he was talking about.  I said, “Japan, dude.”   She said, “Don’t say Dude to me.”  We had an argument.

We’re fine now.

Oh yeah… Land of the Rising Sun.  Guess it comes from their flag and WW2.  Everyone else called them that, but they did not. 

Got it?

Now, speaking of things that start with the S, let’s talk about Syp.  He’s been to the Land of the Rising Sun, as well.  Came early in this century.  Yeah, I’ve known him since college – roommates, as it were.  Yep, probably the best and most interesting roommate.  I’ve had several.  He’s the only one that made me watch Twin Peaks.  I thank him for that.  My life is now forever changed.  He also kept me interested in the college radio station on our campus.  Kind of fun the first year I did it, but once we got our own show, the fun began.  Hella fun.  Except for the time he accidently turned the headphone volume all the way up and said something.


Ahhhh…. College memories.

We had the best bunkbeds.  And the worst room planning skills.  But fun.



  1. lol.. I don’t know what any of that means… but it’s pretty funny…

  2. This is an official motion for a weekly Lancing.

  3. Most random post, ever.

  4. wtf…

  5. I need more posts from this guy. Motion seconded

  6. Awesome. If Syp keeps doing this blog we’re going to know everything about him and his extended friends and family. Creepy, no?


  7. Hey just wanted to say that I’ve been on the fence for a while about getting involved in the WAR community but its about time I at least thank you for your work and hopefully post a comment here or there on posts. So thank you and I’ll be around.

  8. Motion Thirded … or something =P
    Good read ! Sounds like you guys had alot of fun back then !

    And congratz on your 6 month anaversery soon Lance! ^^

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