Sunrise, Sunset

August 6, 2008

You know how sometimes you can anticipate and anticipate something until you’re just hopping eager for it, and then when it happens, you feel your emotions flatline for a while? Maybe it’s just me. But today, one of the biggest, most positive Warhammer Online news days in quite some time, I find myself emotionally neutral about it all.

Perhaps it’s because I’m rushing around like a level 1 WAR chicken with my head cut off trying to prepare for an extremely last-minute cross-country excursion to visit a friend getting married, but a lot of today’s news has come up to me, waved hello, I waved back, and then it skipped on down to my next door neighbor. Who, by the way, looks a LOT like Papa Smurf.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite pleased with all of this. It is, obviously, quite good news: WAR is launching on time or even a little ahead of schedule, pre-order details have been spelled out, the CE headstart program will get an additional day’s jump on SE headstarts, the NDA is gonna drop next week (cross fingers), open beta begins soon, all CE pre-orders are going to get into the closed beta next week, the newsletter’s been released, and pricing didn’t make the jump to a higher level than the current standard. I know we’ve tweaked Mythic and ragged on them for some of the perceived mistakes or miscommunications this past month, but you gotta give credit where it’s due — they seem to have their act together here.

Things are going to get going, and fast. For people who were whining about drips of information, well, get your raincoat and galoshes on, because you’re about to be drenched. The exclusivity of the closed beta is about to be history, with hundreds of thousands of testers joining the program pre-launch. The hype is going to get insane, the word of mouth will spread, and September will be a mighty month for WAAAGH!

I wish I felt more about all of this right now; I’m just going to chalk it up to a stressful day and call it that. I hope a lot of you out there are quite happy and even relieved. As Mark anticipated, this news is quite welcome and seems to address many of the concerns or questions regarding the pre-launch buildup.

I’ve got Da Bloody Twenty to post next, then I’m taking off. Depending on net access in Texas, I may or may not post for the next couple days — but no matter what, we have a heck of a next week coming at you. And for those who’ve missed ChaosCast… it shall return. Oh yes. It shall return (including a special interview with Homer Simpson!).



  1. well have fun in texas. been in the 100s the past month and we are finally about to get some rain @_@

    when ya get back i’m sure there will be a renew of whats been going on.

  2. Letting someone who preordered the CE (like me) into closed beta next week is a great way to smooth over anger issues. Issues associated with the ‘loose’ wording that was implied that CE owners were the only ones getting into open beta and the headstart.

  3. Hehe, I’m right up there with ya! 😉

  4. Damn you gamestop for refusing to give me my Beta and Headstart Codes FYOU Gamestop.

  5. Where in Texas are you headed?

  6. I’m with Zeev, I canceled my PreOrder because of it.

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