A Plea For Civil Comments

August 6, 2008

I generally don’t like editing or deleting comments on this blog — I appreciate people speaking their mind, and I only take action if the comment is intended to be offensive, trolling or downright mean to another person.

In the past couple days, I’ve been a bit dismayed at some comments on this blog that are, shall we say, less than kind toward other commentators… maybe not “mean”, per se, but inching toward that line.

I have no desire to wield my censorship stick (and believe me, oh yes, I do have one, and it glows and everything!) on the comments section, but I need to ask that you guys who read this blog and care enough to comment on the articles — which I love, by the way, thanks! — please PLEASE keep it civil down there. If you disagree with someone, fine, say so, but do so in a way that will allow the two of you to be snuggle buddies after all is said and done. If the spark of fierce emotion lights up deep within your soul, find a fun, creative way to let it out rather than a stream of potty talk (I like that phrase).

I would appreciate it, and so would the other people who visit, read and comment on WAAAGH!

In other news, since apparently nothing is going to happen this week other than GameSpy ticking me off, I’m going to take off from Thursday through Saturday on a last-minute visit to Texas to visit a friend who’s getting married. I’m going to detach from my computer for those three days — not even taking my laptop — so I’ll be a bit incommunicado until Sunday. The good news for you all is that this is me tempting fate, and you just know major major news will drop the second I’m out of town, so I’m happy in advance for that. Y’all need it.



  1. Thanks for you going away! Now we know when the game is released! Could you maybe go away again like a week after you come back again for the Open Beta to come to us?

    Just kidding, you are not missing anything big, it is just a date that does nothing so enjoy your trip!

  2. lol… A watched pot never boils. Syp maybe your that watched pot?

    On another note, the NDA protected stuff Gamespy is talking about, since its now public knowledge can we talk about it? Or would it still be breaking the NDA because we’re not Gamespy?

    For example “Warhammer allows you to select two targets, an enemy and a friendly.” -Fargo
    Can we say that now?

  3. I’m going to have to read back and see who’s getting mean in the comments! I love drama. Syp’s Total Drama Island. Break out the ban stick! Let the beatings begin!

  4. Gentleman! You can’t fight in here! This is the WAR room!

  5. Syp is gone – you can fight now

  6. […] so the time has finally come (BTW, thank Syp for his deciding to go on vacation so we could get news!) and the news is pouring forth like ale […]

  7. I’d like to officially apologize to Scarybooster. It was not my intention to offend anybody. I could argue my point and Scary could argue his and we could squabble until dawn. But that is not what we’re here for. We’re here for Syp and after all the time and effort he puts into this place the least we can do is keep it civil between us. I’ve made a mistake in this respect and I’m sorry.


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