WAAAGH! Photo Contest – The Results!

August 5, 2008

On one hand, contests are awesome, fun, inspiring events that filled my inbox with joy and innovation. On the other hand, at the end of the run, I am forced to sit down and pick out my favorite submission from a pack of pretty creative entries — and I hate making that choice.

Back in early July, I asked WAAAGH!’s readers to send in photos of themselves, their pets or whatever with a hand-created speech bubble with “WAAAGH!” in it — and you guys didn’t disappoint. We had over 20 entries, including one group of people who went nuts with the camera during what appeared to be a booze-infested LAN party. While I know the prizes are lame — sorry about that, but I couldn’t get any from Mythic when I asked — the honor is all here for these brave men, women and hedgehogs of Warhammer Online.

Let’s roll out the final results!

Honorable Mentions

A valiant effort… but wait, is that WORLD OF WARCRAFT?!? Blasphemy!

Yves said this was an old t-shirt of his. He looks upset with it.

You know, you just know that this cat is planning to devour you all. And it won’t feel a smidgen guilty about it, either.

You may commence your “awwwww’s” right about now. Hedgehogs FTW!

Why do birds suddenly appear, every time WAAAGH! is near?

Alistair’s Collector’s Edition couldn’t be silent any longer… nobody likes being cut.

I guess the Predator got to him first.

She’s in a closed beta. But she has an open mouth.

Do NOT cross her in a scenario. She will cut off your head in a second.

Surprisingly, computers don’t always like having their guts ripped out by a white-gloved stranger.

It’s “WAAAGH!” not “WAAAR!”, you illiterate bird! Don’t give me that look! You’re not THAT cute! Okay, you are. But still.

And this was the point in the contest where I genuinely became afraid for my own life.

2008: Year of the Waaagh Dragon

Impressive. Most impressive.

So wrong on so many levels. And yet, I can’t help but smile.

See? Gnomes ARE in Warhammer Online after all!

Johnny Walker joins a cult. A very, very loud cult.

Flower gets revenge on Bambi and Thumper. Big time.

And in Third Place…

I think a vessel popped during this, but I can’t help but be sold on the whole evil WAAAGH! screaming lunatic. He reminds me of my second cousin Trigger.

Counting down to Second Place…

Well, for one thing, it’s three adorable little kids. For another, we can’t resist Spider-Man instructing us to WAAAGH! And for a third, it’s a pyramid of power. Congrats!

And our First Place winner is…

I just have to respect the time, dedication and tidal chart know-how that it took to do something this magnificent, this beautiful, this pointless! CONGRATS to Mr. Rebecca for the win!

And thanks again to everyone who took the time and effort to do this — it was a lot of fun!



  1. Nice. I like ’em

  2. Woot! My kids will be happy to know they got second place. Thanks Syp!

  3. Scarybooster, I’m going to say this and I do not want you to take it the wrong way because it’s not about *your kids* in particular:

    In fact, I’m not going to say anything at all. I’ll just do something in brackets like this:

    [QQ about results]

    (I have no vested interest in this contest.)

    [Modeling station FTW by a thousand trillion billion]

    (that’s all.)

  4. yay!

  5. Hi-Larry-Us! 🙂

    I think the modeling station wins for creativity, however, it technically broke the rules by not including a speech bubble!

    What’s the the gun-toting WAR fans? Remind me not to corpse-hump them in game! 😛

  6. But what IS a speech bubble, anyways? I mean… Maybe the desk is the bubble? Huh? DIDJA EVER THINK OF THAT? MAYBE in WAR lore tables are, like, bubbles of holdingness and – let’s say someone wants dinner they’d say OH HAY, let’s sit down at the bubble for some gruel a-..-….

    Okay. I fail.

    This is why I got kicked out of college the first time, y’know. I don’t follow directions and then whine about my inability to follow directions.



  7. LOL Good times and great job ya’ll!

    Although I have to say the Warcraft one tickled my gizzard…

  8. I did love the desk one too, they really are great!

  9. I still liked my duck even though it didn’t follow the rules. 😛

  10. Great stuff there! That beach one is very impressive – and the kids are very cute!

  11. I don’t think people should exploit children to win picture contests. I’ve seen it happen over and over in the past.

    Anyhow, thanks for the contest and I’m excited to get that article to you. Is there a deadline on that or can I take my time?


  12. @JRW
    Wow! Exploit my children! That kind of makes me mad. To think the children I love with all my heart and had one of the best times in the world taking several fun pictures to say, “Hey, I am so proud of my kids and I love them so much”.
    We had so much fun doing the pictures. I asked them if they would like to. They all said yes very excitedly. They asked to wear their costumes and I opened the halloween box for them to dive in. We smiled, we laughed and we had a great family moment. Then, I get mocked for it. Thanks!

  13. yaay! i got 2 mentions!
    yeah it made my day.. night.. or w/e ^^

    thx syp!

  14. It SO isn’t exploitation, Scary.. it looked exactly as you described – something fun and I loved it! (and I can say that in my professional judgement as a social worker :p)

  15. @ Scarybooster I liked the kids 🙂

  16. The kids were awesome!

  17. So we’ve taken a beach, Spiderman has joined our ranks, magical workbenches form our warcry, and the animals…Order is doomed.

    Great contest, Syp:-)

  18. i love the results. I hope the results to the smilebooks contest are just as good

  19. The beach is at Tynemouth, if anyone wondered. And it took over 30 mins of work to do, with some very bemused onlookers during the Mouth of the Tyne Festival!

  20. […] Waaagh’s photo contest. Cute (and somewhat disturbing) images. […]

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