And Now We Play The Waiting Game. The Waiting Game Sucks, Let’s Play Hungry Hungry Hippos!

August 5, 2008

“Flight 8508, this is Mythic Entertainment Control, do you copy?”

“Yes, MEC, we copy. ETA on ground landing?”

[Sounds of paper shuffling and grown men going “harrumph harrumph!”]

“8508, we have no ETA on the landing as of yet.”

“But MEC, the other flights even told us that it will be September 16. Perhaps 18. Perhaps 23. But at least that’s a time window we can trust!”

“Negative, 8508. Please disregard any flight information given to you by sources unapproved by us.”

“…Okay. Then what’s the ETA on the date when you can tell us the date of landing?”

“That’s still need to know information, 8508, and you don’t need to know.”

“How about a date when we can freely talk with other pilots about our flight experience?”

“Not this week, 8508. Maybe next.”

“What the heck, MEC! Delta’s already gabbing about it on the airwaves.”

“They got special permission. Over.”

“If nothing else, could you guys down there give us an updated flight log? You said it would be out July 31, but we’ve been flying in big, swoopy circles since then.”

“We’ve been busy 8508. [Sounds of rolling dice and “Yahtzee!” in the background.] We’ll advise on that front in the near future. Oh, and we have a surprise for you. Er, MANY surprises!”

“MEC, we’re pilots. We don’t like surprises. Couldn’t you just come out and tell us right now?”

“Negative, 8508.”

“Pretty please?”

“Not even with a cherry on top. But there will be something important that we’ll announce two days ago.”

“Two… wait, what?”

“8508, did you miss it? I guess it’s a good thing we moved it further down the schedule. It’ll be here any day now. Trust us.”

“[Sounds of alarms and honking sirens] MEC, we have a situation up here! We need help now! Lots of our passengers are freaking out!”

“Ah darn, large straight… what did you say 8508?”

“[Sounds of grown men holding hands and singing “Kumbaya My Lord”]”




  1. I feel your frustration and I’ll raise you my own frustration.

  2. That was funny.

  3. Lol… I would have to agree, but I’m sure it’s atleast a LITTLE bit easier for you guys in the beta. I’m sure it’s annoying not being able to share your experiences, but it might be worse not knowing anything.

  4. that has to be one of my top 5 blog posts of all time. one to be locked aways as a pre-nda classic.


  5. “Oh stewardess! I speak jive.”


    (I really hate that amirite thing. Owell.)

  6. Very funny, Syp. NJ

  7. Epic. I lol’d. Screw Browncoat. You, good sir, need to do regular opinion pieces for WHA.

  8. OMG! You just make me burst out laughing at work, LMAO!

  9. Whoa, that’s epic! Keep up the good work!

  10. Do you like Gladiator movies?

  11. Have you ever been to a Turkish prison?

  12. Reading those last comments..i start getting a drinking problem 😉

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