Random Q&A Monday

August 4, 2008

Question: How many blogs do you visit daily?

Answer: I keep tabs on about 95 blogs with Google Reader, which accumulates around 200-400 posts a day that I skim through until I find something interesting.

Question: How do you pronounce “Syp”?

Answer: Like “sip”. Some people — weird, eerie, godless folk — pronounce it “sype” (rhymes with “type”). Those people are not to be trusted.

Question: Where did you get that name?

Answer: I gave it to my gnome warlock in World of Warcraft around October 2006. It doesn’t mean anything, except that it fits within my three-letter-name theory. I don’t usually carry over names between games or have a consistent handle, but for some reason I just went with Syp when I made this blog.

Question: Is Chrono Chaos, like, real? Is it forming in the game? Are you leading the guild?

Answer: In this timestream, Chrono Chaos is a pretend time traveling WAR guild. You may pretend to join it, and pretend that you have that guild tag under your Warhammer character’s name, but that’s the extent of things. I’m not forming or leading any WAR guilds — I just don’t have the time or energy for it (after all, my blogging juices must be replenished nightly via the blood of the innocent).

Question: What happened to the photo contest?

Answer: All results are in, and I’m working on getting it ready to be posted soon. Like, maybe tomorrow. Sound good?

Question: Decided on a guild yet?

Answer: Nope. Still in a holding pattern for various reasons. There’s a possibility I might join two, one for Order and one for Destruction. Or I might be a one-person guild: Syp <Waaagh! Blog>

Question: How’s closed beta going? Any good stories?

Answer: There is a beta and I am in it. (I’m now tempted to start singing the “Stonecutters Song” from The Simpsons… “Who controls the British crown? Who keeps the metric system down? We do! We do!”)

Question: I very, very much want you to conquer the world in the Road to War. How can I help you do that, Syp? Start honing my plowshares into swords? Put my neighbors in headlocks and give them noogies?

Answer: Nay! Just ignore every other blog and put “bigbanana -at- hotmail -dot- com” as your Road to War recruiter. Then… go ahead with the noogielock.



  1. Hi there, im a long time reader of your Syp,
    I have a question for you…

    Q: Have you ever seen the beta center come down for maintenance?

    reason i ask is ive logged in daily now since the 13/06/2007 and never seen it down once, until this morning that is… also road-to-war is down so do you think it might be……

    can only hope i guess.

  2. Heehee, i nailed it with a guess that the account management site might be coming online this week. 😉

    I also have a question for you: Do you believe in Candy Mountain?

  3. Q: Are you awesome?

    A: Yes. Your blog is great. Your content is great. Your grammar is great. You are great.

    Thank you for giving out free enjoyment.

  4. @ Tanknat – I have today. I know why but can’t say why, but you’ve probably figured it out.

    @ Moxie – Darn skippy, I do. But only if Charlie’s coming with us.

    @ Maol – Tankees!

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