Everything You Know Is About To Change

August 4, 2008

Well, at least about Warhammer Online. I don’t know about your personal life; at least, not until the private detective agency ponies up some new info.

Warhammer Alliance forums has had a long-standing quote at the top of their page: “The suspense is horrible. I hope it will last.” Maybe they meant it in a different way, but I always took that for a bittersweet love of the prelaunch period — how anticipation and hype of a great game yet to come is something to be savored, in its own way, before it is gone forever. Depending on who you are, you might have been anticipating WAR for a very long time at this point. The thought of another month or two of waiting could be unbearable (if so, we’ll send you over some bears, stat). The eagerness for launch, for the starting pistol to go off and hundreds of thousands of fans to race brashly into hearty conflict is almost palpable. We want it. We think we need it.

And yet, when it comes, there will be a twinge of regret, I think. Nostalgia, waving bye-bye as we “graduate” the pre-launch period and into the “real world” of WAR. Okay, I’ve officially murdered that metaphor, but you get the point. When I graduated high school, there was a kid named James who was the kind of guy who could barely stand being there — he kept talking about college, about how much he wanted to get out of school, etc etc. Yet, on the day we threw up our caps and then respectfully combed through the crowd to find them again, James was the guy with tears streaming down his face. “I love you guys!” he’d say, trying to hug which ever one of us he could latch on to, like a weepy Venus fly trap of naked emotion. I think he realized, right then, that he’d crossed the point of no return, and that there was good in the pre-graduation era… he just didn’t see it then.

It’s just a game, I know, but I can’t help but look at where we’re at now with a twinge of regret that it’ll soon be over. Don’t get me wrong — I can’t wait for launch, and when it arrives, you’ll see me in game with no regrets, jumping off cliffs just to see if there’s a suicidal Tome unlock. But this? Right here? I’ll miss it. I’ll miss the community being small(ish) and pretty united and positive, before the intentional conflict of the game pits us against each other. I’ll miss the upbeat attitude that most WAR fans have. I’ll miss the delightful agony of waiting for drips and crumbs of new information to devour. I’ll miss the days when the number of WAR blogs could be counted on one hand, and every new site seemed like a pioneer in the wilderness (not that I’m not looking forward to new blogs and sites in the future!). I’ll miss the waiting and Paul talking about the game like it was a newborn baby that he knew was destined to be King Tut.

So yeah. Everything’s about to change. I’m cool with that. How about you?



  1. I’m looking forward to it, but i’ll miss checking your blog every hour of the day for some new entry’s and some juicy info on WAR, spamming F5 at my inbox in wait for the newsletter, the endless speculation on WHA and well, you get what I mean.

    But then again, Launch will be the start of a whole new, exiting and fun period !

    Nostalgia at its best indeed =)

  2. I hate nostalgia.

    I just go to (that one Beta Leaks site).


  3. Well said. Typing this on my phone, so it’s tough to wax poetic about how much I enjoy the birth of a community and new friendships, but you already said it for me. Great post.

  4. ::teary-eyed:: I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

    Seriously though, although the suspense IS terrible for those of us not in beta ::grumble grumble:: it’s also terribly fun. I hope those of you in beta have had the thought to take video and screenshots. I know one of my favorite things to do with WoW is reminisce over how things were in beta, how trolls looked different, what had changed in the world, etc.

    Yes, I’m a big nerd.

  5. Well, I’ll tell you one thing that is going to change. . . the crying and bitching is going to explode. You know what I’m talking about.

    “____ class is OP.”

    Nerf ____.”

    I’m not excited for the insane QQing and flaimng to start. But it’s almost here.

  6. Change happens and there is nothing you can do to stop it, but I will miss the pre-launch desire to know everything I could going into WAR.

    What’s coming next?

    Why friednly blog rivalry as we all pick our sides and careers and blog on what we are doing and how our side is coming along. I find this to be an exciting time as we move forward into launch. Things change and fond memories of the past will always be here to go back and dwell on.

  7. Being that I’m playing in the beta what I’m looking forward to is the chance to share the experience of the game with my friends.

    @ singlemalt: thank god for not having official forums to cut down on this.

  8. I want to play. Its the only way I’ll find out if it was worth the wait.

  9. Well said!

    Still though, I think it’s going to provide enough after launch to keep the tears from our eyes. It really does feel like something special, same way DAoC, EVE, and WoW felt way back when. I better ready the beef jerky and coffee, it’s going to be a bloody winter…

  10. I think I will miss the pre-launch community more than anything.

  11. […] week is going to be insanely busy (if the NDA lifts)… I am pretty scared but also excited. Syp feels this way too! For anyone who runs a WAR fan site, this will be a crucial time for attracting lots of new people […]

  12. About damn time.
    They’ve (Mythic) talked a good game. Now it’s time to put up, or shut up.
    Funcom was talking a lot too, and while their hype got people in, the numbers quickly fell.
    I think I’ve seen way too much hype in the past few years to believe anything any company says any more.
    So either put up, show the goods, prove you can do what you say, or shut up and move aside for those companies that can, which is very, very few.
    Mythic is already in trouble with certain classes and cities missing, so they need a game that is near perfect to match the hype they have been putting out there for a few years now.
    Hype can kill a game if it doesn’t live up to it.
    Let’s see what Mythic’s got. Let us judge if it was hype, or truth.
    I hope it wasn’t just hype and big talk, like so many previous games. I really do.

  13. It’s nice that I have several groups to play WAR with that I learned about in prelaunch, but I just want to play the game.

  14. Fansite forums are going to have a big challenge on their hands with the post-release crowd. Preparations are underway, but nothing will prepare the forums for the inevitable explosion that is going to happen. With no official forums, it’s going to get very, very interesting, very soon.

  15. I’m definitely feeling a little weird about the changeover, but looking forward to it too.

  16. “. . .like a weepy Venus fly trap. . .”

    I’m a plant biologist, this paints a very weird picture for me.

  17. FYI, the quote is from Willy Wonka

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