Again, Something That Could’ve Been Brought To My Attention Yesterday!

August 2, 2008

(Is there any situation you cannot throw in a well-timed Adam Sandler movie quote? I think not.)

So, four months after the whole pre-ordering thing started, we finally get an official Pre-Order FAQ. Okay, I’m not being too mean about this — it’s obviously in response to the bewildering (on Mythic’s behalf) confusion (on the playerbase’s behalf) of what is, and isn’t included in pre-orders. It’s a skimpy FAQ that does need a bit more in it, particularly clearly outlining the differences between the Collector’s Edition pre-order and the Standard Edition pre-order. But it’s a good start!

One of my goals for today is to strike forth and find a new power supply for my computer so that it can handle the video card I bought for it two months ago (and still can’t leave in). According to WAR’s system requirements, my creaking GeForce 6800 will do okay in the game, but I think my 9600 GT would be a smidgen better, yes?


Kinda quiet lately.

A little TOO quiet.

dum dum dum DUMMMMMMM.



  1. For power supplies I would recommended Corsair. They make solid PSU and RAM. I have the 520wHX model which is modular. If you want to lay down the extra 20-30 to get the modular it is worth it for the Antec 900 (I have also).

    This is the 620W which should power your whole comp just fine with that new gfx card. Just an idea.


    Its is 150 but 119 after mail-in rebate.

  2. Hehe, edit a bit. When I was typing this I thought I was on The Greenskin since he got a new comp yesterday. So scratch the Antec 900 part, its still a good PSU though.

  3. Hmm, quiet eh…maybe you need a friend to talk things over with….


  4. You’d have been better off paying a little bit more and getting an ATI Radeon 4850 😛 As for a PSU; I recommend at least 700+ watts and look around for well known names. Its not good to go cheap when looking at a PSU.

  5. Isn’t it “dun dun dun DUNNNNNNN.”

  6. Grrr… Im still trying to figure out how i can pre order the game in Latin America. Its more expensive to me to ship the game box than buying it. I haven’t seen any retailers that could send me only the keys and digitaly download the game :(. So I would appreciate any info about this…

  7. Your new card is going to be sweeeeeeet! 🙂

  8. WAAAGH!

  9. Hmm, nice choice for graphics card, same one that I’m getting for WAR…we must be related 😀

  10. Corsair gets another nomination from me here, although BFG actually makes a decent model that I currently use that is 600+ watts and keeps on ticking. But I have a 7900 GT.

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