Chrono Chaos: The Trailer!

August 1, 2008

Chrono Chaos has been a bit dormant lately, what with beta and fighting off zombies from the year 999 A.D., but we are not dead! Not even the living dead! Instead, this pretend time travel guild is all about tweaking the timeline to make sure that WAR will dominate. Our first step: we have hidden Mankirk’s wife in such a frustratingly obscure place that WoW players will be driven away screaming from that game. Sweet!

Ramathorne, proud member of CC that he is, concocted a Chrono Chaos trailer, using elements from the Chrono Trigger game and the Warhammer trailer.  Thanks Ramathrone! Check it out — tres spiffy!



  1. That was sweet…I missed that old sound track as I played that game relentlessly

  2. Awsome. =D

    Listening to the Chrono Trigger theme brings back so many memories. I miss my SNES days.

  3. Glad you liked it! I just got it up on YouTube, if you wanna use/embed that for easy viewing:

  4. nice
    im downloading right now!

    is everyone who applied to this guild acctually IN this guild, like when WAR is released (or OB) then Chrono Chaos will be real with all the applied members?

  5. Cool. I watched it thousands of times in the future. It is like the “Bill & Ted” for WAR in the near future…. Oh I said too much… I have to get back to my Starbucks Laptop Phone Booth Time Machine to stop myself from writing this.

  6. That was pretty awesome.


  8. it’s awesome!

  9. Liked the trailer, thought to share it:

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