WAR Comes In First!

July 31, 2008

Maybe! Sort of! Yes, dear readers, it’s time for more Mindful Speculation coupled with Dirty Facts!

Just a quick note, really: as one of the big concerns of Warhammer Online fans is that World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King might release head-to-head with our beloved title, it’s of slight relief that Blizzard’s CEO has announced Lich King’s lauch date as Q4 2008 (i.e. October to December).

Now, assuming (and that is dangerous), that the many, many, many rumors and posts and leaked dates regarding WAR’s launch remains true, WAR will be seeing a launch in mid- to late-September, giving the title at least a week or two head start over Lich King — if not more. I guess that’s good, right? Or will players hold off buying WAR knowing that Lich King is right around the corner?



  1. That’s good for WAR if the game hits a home run with gamers. If not, well to the victor go the subscriptions.

  2. I’ve said it all along; those who want to play WotLK won’t be stopped by Warhammer Online. It’s not going to make one bit of difference if WotLK launches a week or 2 months after WAR. Now, those who are on the fence may try WAR but chances are good that anyone still deeply enthralled by the WoW gameplay won’t find what they’re looking for in WAR. The two games play so differently that it may be too big of a culture shock for many.

  3. I hope that WotLK will be pushed back a month or two at the LEAST, that would really help Warhammer grab and keep more customers imo.

    I kind of have a feeling it will be pushed back anyways.

  4. I’ll be holding off on WotLK…indefinitely. Haven’t played WoW since the week AoC came out – or AoC for that matter haha – every week that goes by it seems less and less likely that I’ll play again.

    Besides, Q4 for Blizzard means January 20, 2009.

  5. WoW players are not going to convert to WAR when the expansion is so close to launch.

  6. One thing that seems apparent from the general chatter around the net is that a lot of players are looking for something new, and frankly WOTLK doesn’t offer this. Their meager PvP offerings won’t draw any serious PvP Players away from WAR, and if WAR is as good as it appears to be shaping up to be, it’s quality, word of mouth and EA marketing dollars should help.

  7. /sigh

    we have ‘reports’ that WotLK isn’t near ready and that it will be February, then we have this. I’m not saying either is correct.

    No one, and I mean NO ONE knows when our beloved WAR will be ready. But Amazon was nice enough to tell me I should receive it Sept 22-24.

    It really doesn’t matter. WAR is not a “wow killa” it’s an alternative, another reason to play, a horizontal hobby against the grind.

    People will play both, and if WotLK launches close to it people will do 2 levels and change games for two days waiting on rested.

    On another note, this is day 2, yeah TWO, of the new bit client service of the beta and at max Bwidth I’m at 26%, and that’s an epic fail Mythic…either own up to your bandwidth needs or find a new solution! Torrent sucked for WoW and now it sucks really bad for you.

    Who wants a five day head start that takes a three day download?

  8. Nah, WAR will have a chance at hooking people up, or disappointing them all. I REALLY hope they make a good clean launch.
    Anyway, i remember how TBC was scheduled for release in Q4 2006, and ended up being mid january 2007. There’s still chance of a delay for WotLK, yay!

  9. WoW! It is clear someone is feeling a little threatened by the new kid on the block. Heh what happened to a good old Janaury as a release date.. cough cough

  10. Don’t know if a few weeks will be enough truly. By that time WoW fanboys will be sitting drooling at their mailboxes, ready to receive, and will hear nothing of another game. A month, on the other hand, would give even the WoW fanboys a reason to play it and see what “all the fuzz is about”, because WotLK is waaaay off in the future [from a Fanboy’s POV].

  11. I think that it depends on how the OB goes.

    People going all RvR/PvP will most likely test out WAR i think.
    PVE’ers (e.g. PVE raid-guilds) might want to wait for the impressions in OB to see if the PVE content is worth the switch or if they stick to WOW and experience the new PVE-content there. Maybe they even switch just for 1-2 month to WAR because the high-end raid content in WOW is shortly before the release of WotLK worthless to them.

  12. I know my preorder is in, and my WoW has been long cancelled.
    I can only hope with you, my dear syp, that we’ll get more players and support on the WAR side of things.

  13. I think in the end those that want to wait for Lich King will and those that want WAR will go WAR. Unless the gap is Sept-December in which case WAR might pick up some interested parties..

  14. Given some of the feedback I’ve heard from WotLK beta, I doubt it will be out in the early half of Q4, so that’s even better for WAR!

  15. Like one of my (Blizzard 4ever fanatic) friends said “I’m going to play WotLK and nothing will stop me!”
    Even if they will release at the same time.WoW fans will go for WotLK. Who played WoW for more than 3 months Know. If you hit max lvl it’s all about boring never ending eqp. grinding. And if they realize That they are doing the same what they ware doing in TBC and even before.
    Maybe they will come to play our WAR and get owned.

  16. As said, little to no impact. In fact, it’s entirely possible that they make make a little more cash off of WoW players who are on the fence and decide to subscribe to both at once.

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