Glorious Clarification

July 31, 2008

Mark Jacobs popped on by the VN boards to comment on the numerous floating rumors, speculation and scuttlebutt (I do so love that word) surrounding Paul’s quote at Videogaming 247 and the release dates being floated around:


LOL. No, we’re not finished, wish we were. We’ve still got a lot of work and testing left to do before we’re ready to ship. One of the things that a lot of the writers lately have been saying is that they are rather surprised at how polished and deep the game feels and how, in comparison to some other MMORPGs at launch, how stable and playable the game is already. I think that’s what Paul might have been referring to, if that quote was accurate, as he knows full well that we really couldn’t ship the game today. Believe me, if I thought the game was ready to go out the door now I would be the first one to scream “Ship it” at the top of my lungs, take the studio out for a nice celebration and then prepare for the always interesting launch day.

As to when we are going to ship, well, we’re still on target for our release date. happy

FYI, just spoke to Paul and, as expected, Paul was not only misquoted but the interview does not reflect what Paul said to this guy nor the context in which Paul’s answers were delivered. Here’s a great example, Paul was asked directly by the writer, “If EA put a gun to your head, could you ship it today?” Paul’s response was “If we had to, yes” which is the answer that any developer would give to that question and as the history of MMORPGs have shown, including DAoC shipping when it did because we almost out of money, when you have to ship, you ship. So, “If we had to, yes” became “WAR is finished, could ship today.”

Sadly, this stuff happens all the time.


So there you have it. Warhammer Online’s doing great, but not quite out of the Woods of Testing quite yet. It’s interesting to note that there definitely is a solid release date they’re shooting for, and that they’re getting satisfied with the level of polish that’s in the game.



  1. Syp, are you using the time machine to make blog posts? According to my blogroll thingy, this post is 38 years old! Impressive.

  2. Hmm yes, my google reader say it was posted 1970 January 1st πŸ˜›

  3. LOL I have no idea why that is! That does sort of predate me… and the internet… and Warhammer just a tad, doesn’t it?

  4. Well I can tell you that 1970 January 1st is a default date in the linux time epoch which is measured in seconds since said date. So if the time was bugged to 0 that is what you get.

  5. IGNVault Network boards, hun – IGN boards are a different place – same network but different place

    And this is the thread link also:



  6. Zerekin..

    It’s Chrono Chaos πŸ˜‰

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