WAR System Requirements!

July 30, 2008

Check it out, from the Herald:

A computer of some sort.  Preferably the kind that has those giant old data chips that look like robotic centipedes ready to burrow under your flesh.

462 megs of video ram.  No, not 461, and God help you if you get 463.

A 64 oz. mug of your favorite carbonated, caffeinated beverage.  Trust us, you’re going to want to stay up a few nights at first.

A husband or wife decoy, in the event you’re married.

Kryptonite.  We don’t know why, but you can’t hit level 40 without it.

The soul of a six-year-old Brazilian boy (but only if you have the Collector’s Edition).

An Atari 2600 joystick for optimal control.


Wow, awesome!  No sweat!



  1. In tiny print I saw this:

    *Spouse decoy not needed if two or more accounts are activated. However, the amount of beverages, kryptonite, and flubber needed will dramatically increase.

  2. I’m gonna have trouble getting my hands on a few of those ingredients.
    But I’m sure it’s well worth it.
    I’ll find a little Kryptonite sooner or later.
    Does it say how much we need?

  3. Working “I’m to ill to attend” excuse. WARNING: Old hat wont work, please be original as everyone will need one!

  4. Damn it! I knew I shouldn’t have eBayed little Estefan’s soul!

  5. I need a 64 oz. mug of carbonated espresso? Gah!

  6. “A 64 oz. mug of your favorite carbonated, caffeinated beverage. ”

    be a man!
    Quaff a real brew!

  7. Damn. I’ve only got Atari 2599 elite model, I must get a new one. Also I have 464 megs of video ram. Luckily there’s no problem with kryptonite – it’s easy to get from my pal (never told me WHY he has it in basement).

  8. I’m waiting for a concrete date so I can plan my illnesses 🙂

  9. Oooh lord … yep its comming … deffenatly feeling a migraine comming on date ^^

  10. I knew it was a good idea to buy that rundown orphanage in Sao Paulo.

  11. I just got a ordered a new shipment of kryptonite especially 🙂 and some pro plus

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