Late Night with your host, Señor Syp

July 29, 2008

Wow, wasn’t the band great folks? Let’s give them a hand!


Well, it’s late… 10:23pm is late for some people, I guess. My computer is busy downloading something, something that I’m not allowed to say because if I do they’ll take my children and enslave them in the bowels of Mythic HQ. And I don’t even have children!

So I’m bored. Let’s take a quick look at what’s stirring the pot in the Warhammer Online community, eh?

Gamestop’s gotten very specific with their pre-order ship date AND the server opening time, which is all kinds of odd. Do MMO companies give out the exact hour they’re going to open a server to all stores? In any case, now the pee-stained pre-launch anxiety crowd has another faction to go with. September 18 vs. September 23: five days and a lifetime of strife between them!

Really, I might report on this, but I can’t find myself caring as much as to the exact day of WAR’s launch. That might be because I’m sitting comfy in beta, but I think it’s because I’ve gotten to a calm, zen-like place in my mind that says, “What will be, will be.” When it launches, it launches. How well it’s received, how good it’s reviewed, will be. Whether gamers can get over the whole WAR-v-WOW argument to just game, I don’t care. I might blog on it and look forward to playing it, but my life doesn’t begin when WAR starts, and it’s a bit silly for me to place undue emphasis on that event.

But it will be a cool day, no doubt about that. And we shall all celebrate, except for Chrono Chaos, which is already cruising with their computers in December 2009, enjoying the expansion, Warhammer Online: The Divine Secrets of the Snafzg Sisterhood.

Looking for a few good rants to spice up the nightlife? Massively seems a pretty popular choice for insane blogger catalyst these days — both Heartless Gamer and Keen got them a bee in their bonnet about a couple of choice quotes. Right or wrong, I think they both point to the same perceived problem: reckless, off the cuff reporting coupled with snap opinions. You know, just like the kind you see on this blog every day.

Let’s go poke around in the steamy underbelly of Warhammer Alliance’s forums, always a good place to find well-balanced, reasoned howls into the night sky. “Top 10 Greatest Features of WAR” is a nice read, although a bit presumptuous in parts — “free burial services” isn’t mentioned. There’s of course dozens and dozens of polls on WHA; poll-making is like crack to forumites, it’s very hard to get them to stop once they ask what class you’re planning on playing. For the 153rd time.

Eh, enough of forums. I’m just not a forum guy, to my great shame. Let’s see what Google says when I punch in “Warhammer Online” into their blog search. Huh, Paul Barnett’s gone on record saying WAR is pretty much finished and ready to ship, although I’m sure we could twist that quote a bit for sensationalist press:


That quote and the whole September 23rd date is taking up most of the search results. Booooring. Wake me up when Josh Drescher gets arrested by a pretend police officer or something.

Random thought of the day: why does “Magic the Gathering” end up being one of the top three search terms that sends people to WAAAGH!?

One day I will overthrow The-WAAAGH and take over the top “waaagh” search entry on Google, oh yes I will! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Okay, that’s all from me tonight folks! Stay tuned for the Late Late Show, starring Werit and his amazing Chipmunks of Doom!


  1. Mythic has been quite as of late.. To quiet.

  2. O.o Speculation?!

    I don’t think WAR is what they’re hinting at but… its fun to speculate.


  3. yeah, I blame your beta status for your real lack of caring. Any true blogger worth his salt would get another blogger a beta spot as well…..no really he would…

  4. Lucky. Wish I was in beta. Cannot wait for OB.

  5. Well 18th vs 23rd isn’t mutually exclusive if one is the early access date and one is the open-to-all.

    That being said.. I’m away at Games Day and won’t be home till 16th, so I really don’t want it to be before then!!!!! (which means it might be)

  6. Thanks Syp!

  7. Syp… chipmunks have sharp teeth 🙂 ( I think…? )

  8. ::yawn::

    Am I getting old when I don’t see your late-night post until 8:30am the next morning?

  9. […] now polishing up the game before release in mid-September. According to Video Gaming 247 (thanks Waaagh), Barnett is saying that he would be comfortable in shipping Warhammer Online right now, and that […]

  10. Today’s divine secret: “UPS sucks.”

  11. What is “UPS”?

    Nothing to see here, folks.

    Move along.

  12. Now GS is even more specific. Came in this afternoon: http://picasaweb.google.com/polarisllc/GamestopOnWAR/photo#5228910621618826242

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