Bored? Here’s Three Quests For You:

July 29, 2008

1. I’m closing down the WAAAGH! Photo Contest in a couple more days — so get in your last-minute pictures soon!

2. Do you have listener questions for the next recording of Chaos Cast? Then throw them into the comments section here and await your turn at glory!

3. The Greenskin is accepting any and all beta questions to answer once the NDA drops — head on over and add to the pile!



  1. My Question for the Chaos Cast is: If WAR comes out in September (23), how ready do you think the game is going to be? Factors- servers, population overload for 1 side of factions, and bad bugs.

  2. I got a listener question.. Maybe it’s good enough to be discussed at ChaosCast..otherwise i’ll have to join Chrono Chaos and change the questions 😉

    As it is currently discussed at TTH-forums.. how important are “raids” for WAR? Should there be more large scale PVE content for raids?

  3. I have a listener question for ChaosCast.

    Does anybody know what the hell is up with the WAR Gaming Scene website?

  4. My question for Syp: Do you gargle with scotch or herbal tea before recording episodes of CC to get that manly voice?

  5. lol

  6. I’ve got a question for you folks (keep up the good work).

    Put on your best Nostradamus cap and predict, one year from release, what will be the most significant change or patch done to WAR content as we know it now. We’d all like to believe MMOs will stay the same, but that’s just about as likely as a Greenskin taking a bath with soap and water.

  7. Listener questions for ChaosCast:

    1. How is WAR going to deal with players flaming other players in PvP? Can ‘good’ and ‘evil’ factions communicate during battle?

    2. How is item trading going to happen in WAR? Is there an Auction House or something similar?

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