Chaos Comments!

July 27, 2008

Step One For How Syp Got His Groove Back: responding to all the 50+ comments you guys left on my blog this past week. Thanks! That’s so awesome to come back to!

“I’d like to hear more about the mission trip you went on.”

I have another blog, Watchman, which deals with my spiritual and pastoral life, and if you’re interested, I just put up a post on the week here. There’s lots I didn’t talk about, such as the organization that runs these trips, Group Workcamps, has been putting these community-changing weeks for 31 years now.

“I got into beta. I did not get into beta.”

Congrats and so sorry, Charlie. Hopefully the streetcorner urchins begging for a beta spot will be granted their wish very soon!

“The NDA is still in place — curses!”

Actually, this makes me a bit happy. My only serious worry this past week is that the NDA would drop while I was away, and I’d have even MORE to catch up on upon returning. I’m excited for that day, and I think (hope) it’ll be soon. Lots to do before then!

“Squee — September 23 release date! Mebbe!”

We’ll see, and I’ll post more on this later. Promise.

“Where’s my epic unicorn mount?”

Long story short: we got hungry, it looked tasty, we have no regrets.

“How many blog posts do you read anyway?”

Way, waaaaaay too many. My Google Reader tracks about 100 blogs, with more added every week. I do try to cull them somewhat (and they’re not all WAR-related), but one week away from my computer just made this account explode. I’m going to start reading all of them this afternoon.

More later!



  1. Woooow. Go you. Thanks for all your dedication man.

  2. I’m a fairly new lurker at this blog, and I didn’t realize you were a pastor. I hope this isn’t too forward/uncomfortable/inappropriate of a question, but I was just curious. Does your spiritual life ever conflict with your gaming life, or do you simply try to keep them as separate as possible?

    It seems to me that those in your congregation may have some questions about their pastor being fond of killing other people online, to put it bluntly. Likewise, have your gaming friends ever become uncomfortable after finding out that you’re a pastor?

    Again, I hope that doesn’t come off as anything but curiosity, because that’s all I intended. Apologies if it’s already been asked of you 100 times 🙂

  3. @ Leak – thanks!

    @ Bel – nope, not really. I guess it depends on the denomination, but most everyone in our church knows I’m a geek through and through: gaming, TV, internet, movies. I don’t think it’s wise to utterly cut yourself off from all content just because some is rotten, but to practice discernment between what is redeemable and what is not. Plus, a game is just a game, and most people understand that. Does playing the board game Risk mean we’re simulating the bloody slaughter of thousands of innocent soldiers? Nah. Same with WAR. My only concern is that I keep my priorities in life straight, and that gaming doesn’t become my #1 passion. Hope that helps.

  4. Thanks for indulging my curiosity, Syp. It’s nice to see that your congregation is accepting of your hobbies. I have a few friends who are quite religious, and although they enjoy gaming, are unable to reconcile the PvP aspect of many games with their spiritual beliefs. I can (somewhat) understand where they’re coming from, and I respect their views, though I don’t necessarily agree with them. It’s interesting to see that their views aren’t ubiquitous within the religious community.

  5. @ Syp
    No problem man.
    I’ve been reading here for a couple months now, and I’d be interested to see what server you end up rolling.
    I’m sure I’d enjoy very much playing with you, seeing as how you’re so educated about the game, without even being in it yet. I’m very impressed with you man.

  6. Welcome back, man. I hope the trip was everything you hoped for and more.

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