7 days, 1100 miles, 35 comments, 127 e-mails, 1000+ blog posts to read

July 26, 2008

Hey, I’m back!  Miss me?  Don’t know who I am any more, because I’m like some vague father who abandoned you all to the ravages of the internet latch-key kid culture?  I know, I’m sorry.

Anyway, I’m back and completely exhausted.  I’m going to do my best in the next day or so to catch up on what’s been happening and get back into the groove, but in the meanwhile, I’d love to hear what’s new with you guys!  Any new beta takers?  Is that pesky NDA still in place?



  1. Welcome back, hope you had a good trip. 🙂

  2. 1000+ blog posts to read? If you’re serious with that number, then I feel sorry for you. :p

    When you get addicted to blogs you always feel that you need to read every post. You got some reading to do. :p

  3. There’s been quite a few beta leaks too big to ignore.

    Check them out. I understand you’re in beta but definitely investigate. The polish recently added to the game is exceptional and gives so much promise it has me reguvinated. The previous city/class cuts were bad but we’re in a solid ship again.

    Give em’ a look my friend!

  4. That NDA is still around… I’d like to know as soon as it drops so I can run home and spend the next couple hours pouring over whatever is out there for me to read.
    I am hoping for good news in the next newsletter though ::shrug::
    How was your trip? Anything interesting occur? = )

  5. Glad you’re back!

    Hope you had fun!

    Get back to Work!

  6. Welcome back. Thousands of blog posts? How many blogs do you read, anyway?

  7. Sadly, yes.

  8. Welcome back. No beta invite for me. NDA still holding down the fort.

  9. Woohoo! Welcome back =)

  10. Hey did you get me my epic unicorn mount….. you promised!

  11. Welcome back! Not much to catch up on except a host of E3 related interviews. Still you’ll need a cuppa to get through them all.

  12. Welcome back! I hope you had a good time.

    1) NDA is still there
    2) No beta for Ardy 😦
    3) Cogworks had a good shot at doing da News
    4) There is a prevalent theory that shipdate is September 23rd.

  13. Welcome back.

  14. Ooops forgot to say I also got into Beta.

  15. Welcome back.

    Managed to get in the beta myself as well. Shoot me an e-mail if ya want a hunting partner.

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