While The Cat Is Away…

July 19, 2008

…The NDA is sure to drop. Or not. But really, considering my general luck with the scheme of the world, it would drop the one and only week I’ll be gone this summer. I actually kind of doubt it will (it’s far too soon after guild beta just began), but that won’t stop me from fretting about it.

So, yeah. I’m leaving on a mission trip today through next Saturday (the 26th), and during that time will be pretty much incommunicado with the world — no internet, no e-mail, no daily news report, no games, nada. Just, y’know, human contact and helping people out. It’s actually a great experience, and relieving to know that I can disconnect from my media umbilical cord and still survive just fine.

Did I mention I just got into beta? Did I also mention I can’t play it until I get back? /frustrated joy

I’m sure y’all can survive a week without WAAAGH! updates, and by the time I return you’ll have forgotten all about me and be enthralled with Snafzg’s love child or something. But if you happen to be bored this week, here’s a few things you can do for me:

1. Take a picture and enter the WAAAGH! photo contest! It’s really not hard to do, and if I came back to 20+ new entires in my inbox, that’d be one of the greatest presents you guys could give me. The entries we’ve had so far are just awesome.

2. Check out our new Chrono Chaos page! Whatever will we do next?

3. Explore the blogroll! I know, I know, you can barely stand the thought of ripping yourself away from this URL, but there’s actually a ton of really great Warhammer Online blogs and websites for you to explore — so do me a favor and give them some of your precious patronage.

4. Mosey on over to the Open Beta Office Pool post… who’s already behind at this point, and who will win?

5. Leave me a gob of comments. How’s your week going? Yeah? Really? Tell me all about it. You don’t say.



  1. Have a great week, congrats about the beta thing! It’ll all be there waiting for you. I’ll completely spam with comments, never fear 🙂

  2. Have fun! Maybe I need to go on vacation so I can get into beta. Hmmm

  3. Grats on getting into the beta. =) Though I suspect, way things are going, I’ll be riding my own CE ticket soon enough.

    I’m hoping Murphy’s Law kicks in for you and lets me play next week. Odds are low, but hey…that’s what hope and Murphy are for. 😉

    Enjoy your trip, man.

  4. Have a blast while you’re away.

  5. Gratz on getting into beta! It seems like everyone is now in beta except me. >=(

    How unlucky can I get? I didn’t get into AoC beta until EXTREMELY late, I’m not in WAR beta, and I didn’t get in WotLK beta yet. Ugh…

  6. Syp who?

  7. I already told you, NDA lift is July 29th…exactly eight weeks before launch. All that time-traveling, and you forgot to check on the NDA…tsk tsk.

  8. I’m interested to hear how your mission trip went. Good luck.

  9. Grats on the Beta but more importantly good luck on your trip, kudos to you for the work you will do.

  10. Tired, and about to leave for London overnight so thought I’d stop by and leave another comment 🙂

    World pretty much the same, played Chrononauts (card game), Chrono Chaos would love it!!

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