Syp’s Playlist [3]: Servers & Factions

July 18, 2008

Let’s wrap this little baby up: what type of servers am I leaning toward, and which of the two factions in general?

SERVERS TYPE: (as of right now, no official server rulesets have been declared, and it’s quite possible there will only be one ruleset to choose from)

  1. Normal Ruleset: In most MMOs, if given a choice, this is the server type I migrate towards. In WAR, this looks to have plenty of PvP/RvR action, but “safe” PvE areas to let me quest without gankage worry.
  2. Roleplaying: Um… okay, here’s the thing — I’m not an RPer. It just goes against the grain of who I am, and I frankly find that playstyle to be a bit silly. Yet, if it works for you and makes your game experience more fun, then rock on and don’t let me persuade you otherwise. I’ll put RP servers as my #2 choice because the community tends to slant more mature, and because it’s great fun to see people blow up at you when your character has the name of “Twiddlypants”.
  3. Open PvP: AKA “Kill Me Everywhere”. I played on an open PvP server in WoW for about a year, and I was just miserable for almost the whole time (I only kept on with it because I had some good friends on that server). Being ganked by a guy who you have no chance in heck of beating? Not fun. Always spinning the camera around and being twitchier than a field mouse in a room of cats? Equally not fun. You almost never see the sort of huge open world war that people promote when trying to defend these server types, just a lot of people preying on weaker players and patting themselves on the back for it.
  4. Other — RP PvP? Sure, you have to give a huge speech before you can kill someone. “Classic” servers where you play the beta from a year ago? I dunno.

FACTION: (the greatest influential factor to this choice is where my friends/guild ends up going… and right now, I don’t know the answer to that, so here’s what I’d choose if it was left up to me)

  1. Destruction – I’ve always kind of regretting wedding myself to the Alliance side on WoW, but as many of you know, once you find a good guild and get great friends, it’s very hard to break away to the other side. Destruction simply has more appeal to me, more classes that have grabbed my attention, and the ability to kill the lamer of the two types of elves (High Elves). Plus, someone’s got to stick up for the nearly-extinct Orc race, right?
  2. Order – That said, Order wouldn’t be the end of the world, either. I’m sure I’ll be making characters on both sides (different servers, of course), and it would be pretty neat to play the Witch Hunter and Engineer at some point.


  1. In my experience from LotRO, its a minority on RP servers that actively roleplay. Most are just there for the better community, lore-appropriate naming, and not having to put up with constant OOC chatter in the say channel.

  2. I agree with you on all. My friends and just about everybody I know are going destruction or dwarf engineers. I’ll most likely be a destruction healer. They all look great to play. Zealot, Shaman, Disiple oh my! Order healers yuck. Even tho I don’t like elves the Disiple looks awesome to play and because it was fabricated by Mythic it has no Warhammer IP chains. 3 years on a WoW PvP server sucked. I am going normal also and like you I don’t roleplay.

  3. I like RP-servers..as long as it’s sensible.

    As a healer..i don’t want to call for the help of gods for hours before i can cast the healing spell on someone to be just in the role;)

    So sensible RP-RVR would be my kinda server. It can be fun when you are not in the mood for the hot action at the front just to rp a bit..

  4. I can’t base this assumption on anything more than the RP servers of DAOC, but from my experiences on Nimue, 99.9% of the players didn’t RP. They were just way more mature than your average l33t-speaking ganker.

  5. RP servers sometimes tend towards more mature, but not always. Sometimes its just a different type of immaturity. I’ll be looking for a normal server.

    As for Destro/Order… It’s a toss-up. I tend more towards Order (loving the Witch Hunter/Bright Wizard/Rune Priest) but there’s some awesome Destruction classes too (Magus/Zealot/Sorceress/Witch Elf)… so yeah. Can’t wait for Open Beta so that I can actually try the different classes out and settle on a main.

  6. Oh you know you’re going to play on whatever server I am, Moxie. It is… your desssstiny.

  7. I’m a WoW refugee who got possibly one of the very, very last collector editions and who is *extremely* excited about WAR. (I’ve been on the closed beta list for… uhm… a long time.)

    My last server on WoW was Moon Guard. I had transferred there from a PVP server. MG was claimed to be the BEST RP experience in all of WoW-dom. I was simply looking to get away from the ganking.

    I guess what RP means is: People randomly walking up to you and saying ((I’m going to report you if you continue to sell those gems OOC.)) Plus, let’s be honest. There’s very little to DO in WoW for RPers. Interactive chairs is about the extent of it.

    No thanks. There’s a certain honesty in ganking, free-for-all PVP realms. And when random kindness DOES happen, it’s all the cooler.

    I’ll never, ever, ever, ever be on an RP server again. More sanctimonious killjoys per capita than Saudi Arabia. Fooey!

  8. I know what you mean about playing Alliance in WoW. My wife and I were going to play Horde, but then our friends from SWG were dead set to play Alliance for some reason, so we played with them. That guild eventually fell apart, but we made some great friends along the way, so we stayed Ally side.

    I really want to play Destruction in WAR, but I’m scared there will be a big population imbalance in Destruction’s favor (because the Horde is the popular side in WoW now) when the game comes out. I won’t be playing the dominant side again.

  9. See in wow I played on RPPVP servers and was constantly dissappointed with the pvp and the rp lol.

    I really enjoyed the communities but pve dominated the end game (yes I know that is the wow model)and the pvp side was mostly ignored which is hwat I was most interested in.

  10. I don’t get this RP-server thing. My limited experiences were events like…people having macros that /yell “By the Light of Elune I smite this “, which they employed constantly.

    What I’m hearing here is that you all feel there are less jerks on an RP server, but otherwise it’s very akin to a normal server since so few people roleplay?

    From what I’ve seen on the forums, in WoW and so far in warhammeralliance, it looks like a good amount of people do roleplay.

    I am confused. =(

  11. Did you see that video of the people dressed up like fantasy characters and RPing in the woods? Dear sweet Lord in heaven! If I ever do anything remotely like that I will have given up on life and will deserve to die a miserable death.

    No RP for me. Ever.

    If I find the video, it’s on youtube, I’ll pass it along. Be warned. It will make your sphincter pucker like nobody’s business.

  12. I’ve played on 3 RP servers in WoW, mostly because that’s where friends ended up. The RP that I’ve seen usually isn’t the “I shall smite thee with the fury of Elune” type stuff, that’s generally only new-to-RP people that try that. A lot of times RP takes place in private forums, through stories and fan-fiction co-written by RPers, or through speaking in character in private parties and such. You have a greater chance of finding a circle of RPing friends on an RP server, but you mostly have to look for it.

    Yes, there are plenty of self-righteous and elitist RPers out there. Yes, there are some that beat people over the heads with it. But most RP happens without other folks knowing about it.

    All that said, I don’t RP anymore. Too much drama can happen when people forget how to distinguish RP from reality, and I’ve seen that waaaay too much on RP servers for my taste.

  13. I enjoy roleplaing, but I prefer Live Action Roleplaying (And there is actually more to it then running around the woods as a Legolas wannabe, I promis). In my experience roleplating in games gives a better sense of immersion, but not to the point where you actually feel like you are your character.

    I’ll probably go for the core ruleset, it seems to suit my ambitions. I know some people like the idea of ebing attacked anywhere as it is more realistic, but as you said, playing like a person with ADD on crack isn’t my idea of fun.

  14. I have certainly TRIED RPing, and it just does not work. I feel utterly ridiculous, and almost embarrassed for everyone else participating. blah.

    My only 70 in WoW was leveled aaaall the way there on a PVP server. It was tortuous hell, and I hate loathe PVP servers. The same friends that I played with in WoW went to a PVP server when I tried AoC (which sucked) and yet again, it was tortuous hell. But this time, I didn’t even have allies on my side that would help out. FFA=no one gives a crap about you.

    One of the best selling points for me with WAR is that there WILL be PVP, but only in certain zones. If I want to just do quests, I can do them over in the PVE area, but if I ever feel like spilling some blood I can cross a river and do so. And no ganking! yay!

  15. I’ve tried RP servers in WoW, but the game doesn’t really encourage any kind of player interaction of the sort. I stick with pencil and paper RPGs for my RPing needs(Which, btw, I do have a really old Warhammer book from god knows when. Nothing says RP like having your arm chopped off and then carring it around as a reminder of why you want to kill all members of the Empire, it was a really fun Dwarf campaign, long story). MMO sucks as RP games usually, because the ruleset it too strict, by which I mean RPing actions can’t affect the game.

  16. I Will try the RP server and pray that enough role players are on it.
    It comes down to how hard the community and GMs enforce the role playing.
    If they enforce it, and people bother to get immersed into the game and their character it can be hands down the best fun you can have in any game.
    The problem is that typicaly in MMOs either people that go to the RP servers dont RP OR the GMS dont enforce roleplaying on the server.

    As I said I will try it in hopes (plus typicaly its a more mature player base) but expect i will end up on a normal server.

  17. A SQWIG HERDER! srsly no1 like the hunters they get boring after u play them for 10 min!

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