E3 Thoughts

July 18, 2008

Is it futile to even talk about anything else this week? I guess so!

We here at WAAAGH! Labs have been slaving hard to find the right formula to deliver the E3 experience straight to your brain, but considering that you might end up like Keen over there, it’d probably be best if you abstained and just read through some of the info out there.

End Game RvR Explained – I think this makes a bit more sense now. The way it goes is that each of the three tier 4 zones of the game have their own fortress (a massive keep) that is the initial focal point of end game RvR. If Order can manage to capture two out of three of the fortresses, the Inevitable City becomes open to attack; likewise, if Destruction can capture two out of three, Altdorf swings open its doors to enemy invaders. It makes all three zones worthwhile to fight in, followed by narrowing the fight down to a single city.

Then you have the concept of the “rotating capital cities” or whatever they’re calling it. How I see it is that once more capital cities come online, they’ll either just activate two of them during a set time frame (for the span of a month, for example) or declare only two of them vulnerable to capital city siege.

Open Grouping – Sometimes the smallest things are the most beloved, and I think open grouping has the potential to set the standard for all MMOs in breaking down the barriers between solo players and getting into a good group. The way it works is that you can start a group and flag your group as “open” or “closed”. If it’s closed, then only people you personally invite can join the party. If it’s open, then anyone else who wants to find a group in the area can easily see what open groups are available and where they are, then just click a button to automatically join that party. No fuss, no muss.

Really, open grouping is party construction in reverse. Typical group formation is done from top down: one person takes the job of finding players and adding them. Open grouping is the players forming the group themselves for the leader. This’ll make joining groups for PQs or general zone questing or PvP so much simpler.

UI Customization – Reportedly, the standard UI in WAR will be almost completely flexible for resizing and relocating screen elements (hotbars, radar, etc.). A lot of people — myself included — need to tweak their UI to fit their playstyle just right, and this looks to be offering them as much flexibility as possible for that.

Armor Sets – Over 400 sets are in the game! No, really. Plus dyes. That works out to 20 armor sets per class, which is quite a wide range, all things considered.



  1. The 400 armor sets is tough to wrap my head around. Almost seems like too much, unless a majority of them are end game. otherwise you would outlevel the set before you completed it.

  2. Open Grouping sorta sounds like auto grouping just that you decide to join the group not the AI. However, I see a problem with the open group.

    example: OMG there are no healers!!! The only people joining my open group are Melee. We can’t do anything with out a healer.

    (Ugh.. healers are the classes they should have taken out of the game. But I digress.)

  3. the armor sets sound great… almost too great to believe like 6 capital cities…. hopefully it doesn’t get trimmed by reality.

  4. No the armor sets are very real. It is around 20 sets per class. So 20 sets times 20 classes gets 400. These are only sets remember like tier sets in WoW. There are plenty of random bits like “gloves of the Paul” to get along the way.

  5. Hey, Keen has an article up on Vault Hub.Check it out:http://vault.ign.com/View.php?view=editorials.detail&id=77
    Most important part? “We were told that the NDA is on its last leg and should be coming down in only a few weeks.”

  6. Okay, I’m a n00b who’s brain just melted.

    If there are only 3 tier 4 zones, and two of the three are captured opening up one of the cities to attack, then wouldn’t one or the other cities always be open to attack? An odd number, someone is always going to own 2 of the forts?

    Or are there 3 tier 4 zones per side? So you have to take 2 of the enemies 3?

  7. There are 3 tier 4 zones per side.

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