Da Newz – Makeover Edition

July 17, 2008

So as you may have noticed from this week’s edition of Da Newz, we’re not only growing bigger and bigger in the WAR community, but when major news happens — multiple times, no less, in the space of a week — it just gets nigh ridiculous to try to cover it all.

I’ve been asked how I find the time to do Da Newz. Frankly, it’s getting hard. Back in March, it was a light little project wherein I’d be scrounging for even a good scrap or two of news or commentary. Now, as we’re getting slammed (in a good way) by breaking news and diverse opinions and multiple features, I’m spending 1-2 hours every night perusing all of my RSS reader posts and other various sources to compile it all. And really, it’s getting kind of nuts and taking away any enjoyment I’ve had from opening up my Google Reader in the first place to see what’s going on in the Warhammer world. I know it’s one of the more popular features on this blog, and I liked doing it knowing that I would be helping those out who didn’t have as much time to scoot around the web looking for WAR stuff.

On Tuesday, for instance, I had over 400 posts to sift through. That’s just one day! Next week I’ll be gone, and I’m just wincing as I think about how fast and furious all of the news is going to pile up, awaiting my return.

As much as I’ve loved providing the WAR community with this service, it’s just getting too unwieldy and somewhat unneeded — there are plenty of Warhammer Online news aggregators out there, along with your own RSS collectors. And I have a rule about blogging: I started doing this just to write about whatever struck me as interesting and enjoyable about the game. If it ever started to feel like “work” or if I felt duty-bound to continue it, then I was going to drop whatever it was with no regrets.

I’m feeling like Da Newz might fit this situation. If I felt more motivated to keep it going, I’d maybe “hire” on a staff person or two to handle it, but that defeats the purpose of just penning a fun blog. So as I leave this next week on a trip, I’m going to chew on what I can do with this Thursday column in a way that’s both fun and interesting for me to write, as it is useful and entertaining for you to read.

I have a very good idea what’s going to happen, but I’d love to hear any and all of your thoughts on this. When I get back, we’ll talk more, mkay?



  1. Quite frankly I’m just happy you write this blog and find I scan for updates from you in my google reader first. Do what makes you keep your interest up, I for one will still be reading. And as a community member I’d be happy to help if you can find use for me.

  2. Totally understandable. If it begins to feel like work, it’s best to stop A.S.A.P. It’s supposed to be fun! πŸ˜€

  3. I would suggest something but my blog is not even a 1000th what yours is. So, good luck LOL!

  4. I say let the readers find their own news. Just keep talking about the news tidbits that are interesting to you rather than trying to please everyone with an onslaught of news and links. My 2 cents.

  5. Consolidate perhaps? Da News is *huge*, so you might post links/mentions to only things you think are important (to you). Maybe even just the top ten/twenty you think people should really go look at.

    Any of us who are willing and happy to read through the entire Da News post do hunt through your Blogroll anyway for more to read πŸ˜‰ so we’ll see a lot of that stuff. Maybe focus on the big highlights, new blogs, and hard-to-find stuff that pops out.

    You do a great job, man. Don’t burn out on us. @_@

  6. I write The Cogworks for fun. I try to maintain a humorous side to it (a la the Celebrity Spotted) and I want to remain that way while playing the game to. I will have my random serious articles, but blogging about having fun in game should be fun, not work.

    I’d understand if you would want to drop Da Newz to stay relaxed, or even limiting the news to certain relevant game themes. What ever keeps you happy in blogging is the best way to go.

  7. Get some ads on here and retire from your day job!!! πŸ™‚

    Or yeah, just drop it. Like you say, we can put various feeds in our RSS reader as easily as you can.

    I know! You could just post your OPML file.

  8. I definitely felt this way with my webcomic, which is why I started slacking on it. Now, it’s just a fun thing I do when I have the time.

    I really think Da News is an awesome feature, but seriously, there is no way a single person could manage it while playing the game, working a job, and having a real life.

    You could allow it to become more community-driven, but there will still be a work element to it (checking the links and writing your snarky comments). You could set up a shared Google document and ask some of your readers to submit their top three picks to it.

    Or you could just write up a weekly roundup, limited to your top 10 favorite news bits from the past week. You won’t have to keep on top of it nearly as much and it would still be of value to your readers.

    Just some ideas anyway. πŸ™‚

  9. Hey I feared this day might come. You do a great job, but I think there must be another solution. I was thinking some kind of mmowtf solution, where bloggers or readers can post relevant articles they write or find, and all it would take is a small role of moderating to only include the relevant articles and filtering out any spam. That needn’t be you if you don’t want it to be! It would take effort to get up and running, but I guess would be fairly sustainable. (Kind of like Snafzg just said!)

  10. Not to pimp another site on Waaagh!, but Warhammer Conflict has a fansite forum where we can do something very similar to what Gordo mentions. I’d use it a lot more if I weren’t so lazy and afraid to come off as pimping my site too hardcore! πŸ˜›

  11. But Syp, how will I get hits without “Da Newz”? The hits, Syp, the hits. Think About The Hits.

    I’m just kidding, do whatever makes you happy.

  12. Definitely drop it if it is making blogging less fun. It’s an awesome feature but every time I read it, I think “that must be so much work!”

    Thank you so much for doing it up till now. I’d say just post links intermittently when you feel like it, don’t feel you have to keep up with everything.

  13. Actually, maybe a link wiki …


  14. “Hire” someone to specifically do the news. It’ll take the worry off your mind, relief you a bit and the other person can just do the news and be preparing for it all week.

    Whatever you do, don’t get to looking at your own blog as an “Ugh, better do it” dealy, your blog is awesome, you’re awesome, keep it that way and don’t flip out πŸ™‚

    Get help, but not in the quack way πŸ˜€

  15. Well I’ve been considering ways of becoming more proactive in blogging, especially with regards Warhammer. If you need a googlemonkey, I’m more than happy to help.
    Also some of the other points here are good, condensing down to the big or the unusual or post your feed thingy.

    Also I don’t know about WordPress, but certainly blogger will let you put the AdSense stuff on their blog and (theoretically) make money.

  16. @Ardua – You can’t include AdSense in the WP-hosted version of WordPress. You can, however, use it in the install version (self-hosted).

    I’m actually doing a bit of research to see if it’s even worth it to host ads on a blog with less than 5000 hits per day. I’ll let you know what I find.

  17. I’ve never bothered myself, what with blogging so infrequently and on random things to boot. Also, as you say Snaf, how much is it really worth having ads on when you only get X amount of traffic.

    Any road up, as I said, if there is owt I can do just give a shout. My email is probably somewhere on blogger o.O

  18. Good gravy man, looking over your last “Da Newz”, not only is it taking a ton of time to compile, but it’s also takes quite a while to read. My guess would be that while it’s awesome to have it all together in one place, most of us already are watching various blogs and forums and have seen a lot of this news already.

    My suggestion would be to take it to a “Top Ten News Items”, and pick the top ten things you’ve found noteworthy over the week. It could be big stories that interest you, or weird, hard-to-find stuff, or a mix of everything.

    Or just drop it altogether… whatever makes you happy. Blog burnout is no fun.

  19. I have no qualms with you dropping it. I pay close enough attention that I generally find all the new info of the week mentioned in Da News anyways, so usually I just glance over it. Sometimes there is a piece I might have missed, but it’s usually just a reiteration of something I read before.

    If I HAD to put in 2 hours a night to collect all this info, I would certainly be dropping it. But as it stands, I have no blog, and no one counting on me, so often I do spend 2 hours reading WAR stuff…but that’s quite different!

  20. […] Bloody Twenty is a new feature that’s replacing Da Newz, for reasons I’ve explained earlier. Each week, I’ll be compiling a list of the top 20 […]

  21. I like the Bloody Twenty, Syp.

    I only blog when I feel like it. I love RSS, because I know that even if I don’t post every day, or every other day, people who enjoy what I write about can find me when I do put up a post. I’ve felt the burnout you mentioned, and I’d definitely encourage you to just post when you feel the urge.

    Honestly, the aspect of blogs that interests me the most is how other players are enjoying their games, or talking about MMO’s in general. I don’t care quite as much about industry news, press releases, patch notes, developer interviews…I don’t delve into that stuff until I’m done reading opinions from players. You, Syncaine, Bildo, Hudson, spinks and arbitrary, Tobold, The Ancient Gaming Newb, Broken Toys…those are the sites that I read first. The news, not so much πŸ™‚

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