Da Newz – July 17

July 17, 2008

Story of the Week: Four capital cities and four classes cut from launch.

  • Frankly, we at WAAAGH! have never seen the WAR community so frenzied, emotional and opinionated about any event to date. As “Black Friday” rolled around, Mark Jacobs lowered the boom: four careers and four capital cities would be cut from the launch. Players were hardly thrilled, anti-WAR folk ecstatic, and bloggers went bananas.
  • And let’s not forget the “other” big stories this week: Guild Beta beginning, E3, the “open grouping” announcement, and Mythic’s name change.

Beta Ticker:

  • 762,013 (same as last week)

Quotes of the Week:

  • “As to the future of these [four cut] careers, I would love to say that they will be put into the game at some point but I can’t.” ~ Mark Jacobs
  • Guys, just because you’re releasing a game to a bored 10 million WoW players doesn’t mean you get a free pass.” ~ Cuppytalk
  • “This is probably the greatest gift that anyone has ever given me. I think I’m going to cry. I’m just so happy. You know, I could probably milk this one piece of info for an entire year.” ~ Boathammer

New Sites & Blogs:

From EA Mythic:

News & Articles:

Videos & Podcasts:

Fun & Games:


  1. Yes, the White Lion shall be mine… if it plays well. 🙂

    Great stuff as always mate. Way to keep me from working this morning.

  2. You know … for doing that link collection weekly? ❤

    And if that is too pansy and un-orky, well I was going to run a Black Orc anyway.

  3. once again…/bow..I know not where your energy levels come from to bring us this news all the time.

  4. Seriously. You must have to keep a stash of those links handy, because there is no way I could remember all of those. Or do you start a post and update it every time something interesting comes up, then publish it on Thursdays?

  5. Is that the first time the beta numbers haven’t changed? Just seems quite interesting in the wake of ‘Black Friday’.

  6. @ Malak – no it’s not the first time, they don’t update those numbers on a consistent weekly basis (sometimes it’s every two weeks).

    @ Andpeace – I just keep a file open during the week to compile it all. Takes a very long time.

  7. I can imagine.

  8. I like Mythic’s PR. Rip a tooth out (Black Friday- I don’t like that phrase and this is only time I will use it) and give us a lollipop (mass beta invites- I will call it Smiley Tuesday). I do hope their up coming beta invite plan is a once a week thing and I hope I get in 🙂

  9. […] man of a thousand links, Syp! A long overdue mention of waaagh.wordpress.com is needed […]

  10. Thank you for this post.

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