Syp’s Playlist [2]: Destruction

July 16, 2008

Destruction seems to have been given preferential treatment in WAR so far — the more “flavorful” classes exist on this side, it’s gotten more press, and the prelaunch fans seem to favor it statistically. So, if I roll Destruction, what classes am I looking at? (again, 1 – most likely to make my main, 10 – least likely to play at all).

  1. Greenskin Squig Herder – If there ever was a class tailor-made for me, this was it. I always fancy the “short” races in any MMO I play, and goblins are as short as they come. Although ugly, they have a lot of appeal and personality. As a pet class lover, the option to unleash from an array of squig types is attractive (a la warlocks in WoW), especially since these pets keep fighting on even after you die. I’m not as thrilled with the runty little bow ‘n arrow getup they use, but I can deal with that.
  2. Greenskin Black Orc – Now that the Choppa is toast, the Black Orc is the only Orc playable class in the game… so I guess I’m honor-bound to try one at some point! I like the junkyard armor scheme, and I’ve heard the playstyle is pretty fun.
  3. Chaos Marauder – Pretty popular advance class, although it remains to be seen if this less-than-armored melee class will remain so post-launch. Mutations and tentacles sound cool, so why not roll one?
  4. Chaos Chosen – a la “Dark Paladins”. Love the look. Has some spell-casting abilities, which is a big plus for a tank role. Might very well be worth looking into.
  5. Chaos Magus – These guys are starting to grow on me. As spell-casters, they intrigue because of their unique mode of transportation (the hover disc), the ability to deploy short-term pets (demons) and their moxie.
  6. Greenskin Shaman – Oddly enough, these seem to be the preferred favorite of many, and I’m not quite sure why. I guess the weird little healer/buffers have a much-needed role on the battlefield, and I wouldn’t be adverse to trying one out.
  7. Dark Elf Disciple of Khaine – Pointy nasty healer/buffer/debuffer. Sure, guess if I have to roll a DE, this might be the least grating of them all.
  8. Chaos Zealot – I’m sure they’ll be a powerhouse of some sort in war, but they just don’t do it for me.
  9. Dark Elf Sorceress – They’re proving to be popular, but I don’t find it thrilling to nuke people from a mile away or to be a glass cannon.
  10. Dark Elf Witch Elf – Doomed to be the favored “rogue” class on the Destruction side. Pass.

R.I.P. Choppa and Black Guard



  1. I’m torn between Zealot, Shaman and Squig Hearder, although I usually play a caster class, so I might go with a Black Orc or Chosen. I’ll probably mess around with all the classes at the beginning and then choose the one I’m most drawn to as my main.

  2. Good list, although as previously stated shaman would be higher up for me.

    “Orc, orc, orc, orc, orc, orc…ā€ need to get that sound file out of dawn of war to run every time I open a program or turn the pc on šŸ˜€

    Was wondering about how cool a Savage Orc would be as a Choppa replacement. Would even gel with the Slayer with tats and suicidal tendencies.

  3. Destro side, the Sorc interests me (for the potential of blowing myself up). I dig the Squig Herder. The Black Orc uses the flat of his sword to bad allies clear of danger, which I find intriguing as well. =)

  4. Seeing as the BG has vanished from launch I have to find a replacement that can keep me interested. The answer? Well, there are two actually: the Chosen and the Disciple of Khaine.

    The DoK has really started to grow on me, and they are the closest thing I can find to the spiky goodness of the BG. The Chosen… Well, I just wanna try my hand at tanking as it is something I’ve never dabbled in before and they seem more interesting then the Black Orc.

  5. Choppa and Black Guard were both high on my list. Black Orc and the Chosen just moved up with losing the others, though unfortunately both are tankers, but I don’t find any tanks appealing for order.

    I’ve played shaman a lot so it may be hard to ignore the goblin shaman. But the goblins are just soooo goofy looking, and I normally like shorties. Squig herder also tempting.

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