July 14, 2008

I would SO play a Candymancer.

And you would too.



  1. Guilty as charged.

  2. I would leave enemies trembling in my wake.

    No tooth would go un-decayed.

  3. I’d play a Mathguard!

  4. I’d play a Mathguard! (with help from an abacus)

  5. I so would!

  6. Dunno, Chaos World Smasher looks like it could smooth over any feelings of gaming inadequacy.

  7. Would your level 40 spell be a summon of that most nefarious noble of Candyland, Lord Licorice? I would shudder to see him all animated and 3D. But until then, I would quite enjoy casting candy about, presumably healing and buffing my party with it’s delicious sweetness. Sugar Rush rank 4 – Increase agility by 15 and gain 120 haste!

  8. Heh… Lord Licorice.

    Again, if you’ve made Penny Arcade’s radar, you’re at least worthy of some attention… so this is a good thing, right?

  9. Candy Mountain Charlie… Candy Mountain!

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