Monday Misc.

July 14, 2008

If you haven’t already, make sure you listen to ChaosCast #4 with Tome of Knowledge dev Carrie Couskos — it’s a corker!

The WAAAGH! Photo Contest is rolling along, but I’m pretty surprised we haven’t seen more entries yet. C’mon, people — you just need a camera or cameraphone, a piece of paper and about ten seconds of time! Make your mark on history… today!

The recent WAR buzz over cut classes/capital cities has overshadowed (at least, for me) some pretty big MMO news in other realms. Flagship Studios is no more, which is upsetting seeing as how they were making the fun, feisty Mythos. Rumor is that Mythos is going to be sold to another company, so hopefully we’ll get to see it at some point… sometime.

City of Heroes was one of my all-time favorite MMOs, and I am completely psyched (does anyone use that word any more?) over Cryptic Studio’s upcoming Champions Online. They recently announced that 2K Games would be publishing the title in spring 2009, which makes this my “backup” MMO to play when I want a change-up from swords-and-sorcery. Plus, it just looks frickin’ sweet.

A conversation last night in instant messenger:

Snafzg: I hate it when you’re running along and you see a guy from the opposing army on the road… and you can’t kill him. It’s like, “We have to go to a special circle first to do battle to the death.” That just breaks immersion for me, it doesn’t feel real.

Syp: Because pieces of armor that arbitrarily boost your skills do.

Snafzg: That’s different… that’s behind the scenes…

Syp: Or invisible walls.

Syp: Or floating numbers above enemies’ heads.

Syp: Or a beetle carrying a giant battleaxe.

Syp: Or NPCs who never move or go home.

Syp: Or an entire town staffed by about twenty-six guys, no children, and nobody outside of a battle profession.



  1. In regards to the conversation: There will be full-PvP realms though, right?

    Though I get your worry. I wonder if they’ll let players on a regular server flag themselves for the picking if they want to. Wasn’t that covered a year or so ago? I can’t remember.

  2. LOL at the IM convo. Great podcast too, guys. Keep em comin!

  3. I lolled

  4. You know what breaks immersion for me? load screens….

  5. I cant wait for champions online either šŸ™‚

  6. Hah, obviously my tolerance for immersion has an upper and lower limit! All those things you mentioned are simply accepted features of the genre. I think a game that touts mass conflict between factions (we were talking about the RP/PvP servers in WoW btw), shouldn’t allow for people to be safe from enemies. That’s why I chose the PvP servers. šŸ™‚

  7. ROFL – as someone who typically games with immersion-nuts I can say I’ve had that conversation many times and its always a blast to watch the BUT ITS A WORLD argument fall to pieces ;P

    CC Episode 4 was REALLY good; you guys should see about landing other Mythic staffers.

  8. I’m totally with ya on Champions Online! We’re huge fans of CoH and can’t wait for Champions. The only thing that concerns me is the cross-platform development, but hopefully it’ll work well.

    And besides, Jack Emmert is just an all-around cool dude.

  9. *giggle*

    Very good points!

  10. I’ve learned that immersion is part of the players responsibility as well. Use your imagination šŸ™‚

  11. Lol. I’ve never had that conversation with anyone yet.

  12. @ JoBildo – we have no idea what kind of server rulesets there will be yet, that’s just speculation.

    Thanks for the encouragement on the podcast! They take an awful lot of time (particularly from Keen’s end) and we work hard to make them sound good.

  13. I am also psyched about the possibilities of Champions Online.

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