Black Friday’s 12 Spots of Good News

July 13, 2008
  1. As MMOG Nation put it, this weekend helps to “reset expectations” that were perhaps far too high in the first place — and unfair to Mythic.
  2. The cuts do point toward a fall 2008 release, and that’s an awesome thing.
  3. If they do beef up the two capital cities like they’ve promised, they’re going to be a joy to explore (and capture!).
  4. We now have solid future content to look forward to being added — the four cities, and four more classes.
  5. If the four cut classes aren’t restored, then we have possibly four new, unannounced classes in our future — which is always an exciting thing.
  6. This shows Mythic standing their ground of only wanting to release content that meets 100% of their standards of fun and quality.
  7. The Guild Beta has begun, and the NDA drop is in our near future.
  8. There are many exciting announcements and details to be handed out in the next few weeks (such as E3).
  9. The devs, Mark and James in particular, did not shy away from engaging the community over this issue and answering as many questions and concerns as possible.
  10. The majority of the player base has not seen nor played the content that was cut — it’s easy to be upset over upcoming features taken away, but can you imagine if they yanked it a month or so after the game launched?
  11. As Mark said, by focusing on the two capital cities and their struggle, they can do very focused playtesting of this mass-scale RvR, so that in the future, the remaining four cities will be even better.
  12. This weekend proved how excited, passionate and involved people are in WAR’s progress, and how widespread that involvement is. This is a huge thing precisely because there’s a HUGE crowd awaiting release!


  1. This should be posted everywhere.

    Kudos πŸ™‚

  2. Exactly! Always look on the bright side of life *whistle* comon, sing along!

  3. Good list. πŸ˜€

  4. well put

  5. I agree with all of your points — the most exciting being that this whole episode does mean that Mythic is getting pretty confident about release. This was probably the next-to-last hurdle, the final will be the guild beta going smoothly.

  6. I just can’t wait for the NDA to drop so you and Keen and get snafzg to cut loose without fearing getting booted from the beta.
    Y’all really should also start taking shots every time someone says basically. Thinks will spice up pretty quickly πŸ™‚ Confessions of love for one another can always be edited out πŸ˜›

  7. I’ve got one other positive to add that has been overshadowed by the “major announcements”:

    1) Over 3/4 million people signed up for beta! No matter what, the interest in the game is here and it is strong.

    Of course this brings the list to 13… so, one more, … πŸ™‚

    2) The devs continue to tease that the current in-house build of the game has major effects additions to the graphics engine to the point of making it look like a whole new game. I’m hoping soon we’ll see the fruits of their labor!

  8. The passion shown really has lifted my spirits. It is one thing to play with a bunch of other people who enjoy MMOs. It is quite another to be surrounded by fellow gamers who love the IP.

    I can’t wait! πŸ™‚

  9. @Josh.
    I hope so. The gameplay videos look really choppy and unclean without any shaders on youtube. I know it might be resolution, but you can still get the idea of the graphics. I have to say, I have seen a video on one of the devs blogs with them showing the full shader’s effects on an orc character model….this game looks really beautiful

  10. I think the best thing about the bad news is that it totally killed all forum discussions about the first expansion.

  11. Good list. Now as we collectively step back from the disappointing news I think this list really sums up what we weren’t quite seeing. Thanks.

  12. I’m still not convinced that cutting the Captiol cities back to 2 isn’t the best idea they have ever had. Think about some of the more out of the way cities in WoW. Darnassus, Silvermoon City, the Exodar, even now these cities see very little use, it would be a shame for some of the cities in WAR to get the same treatment.

  13. hmmm… I foresee great battles ahead to reclaim various capital cities. Sounds a good opportunity for woorld events!!

    About the class drops, seems they cut ‘paired’ classes. Perhaps there was something wrong with one of each pair? Either way 20 new classes to try once open beta starts sunds more than enough for me!!!!

  14. something I just noticed in regards to the class cuts…the Empire and Dark Elves are both missing their tanks, but both sides have melee healers, glass cannon nukers, and maybe-stealth melee. Perhaps the reason these sides are missing tanks is because the trio already left tankless are best equipped to handle things sans-tank. if you have to cut a class, take out the one making the least difference in a group? which makes me excited that my preferred class, the Disciple of Khaine, will be a mighty fighter indeed. who needs tanks when I can…heal everyone to full and do crazy damage!?

    and I’m thinking it’s possible the tanks for dwarf and greenskins can do enough damage to negate the loss of a pure melee dps. so…maybe these career drops really don’t matter a lot, and probably only lend considerable fuel to the development of the classes we will be playing anyways.

    just my thoughts and further wild speculation.

  15. […] announcements, but my initial fury has subsided somewhat. If you haven’t done so already, see Syp’s silver lining piece, it raises some good points and it is true that too many people were expecting too much of WAR. […]

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