100,000 hits and still standing…

July 11, 2008

I’m happy to announce a fun little milestone in WAAAGH!’s history: four months after we started blogging, we’ve hit 100,000 hits/unique page views/unique penguins on our counter.

Hm… what Tome unlock do I get for 100,000? Let’s see… a choice between the title “L2Blog” and the tactic “Wife Aggro”. Hrm.

Thanks to everyone who helps keep this blog alive and rocking — after all, without you I’d be at, like, 25 or something!

Just a reminder: make sure you check out the WAAAGH! Photo Contest and get your entry in! We’ve had some great submissions so far! Chrono Chaos, feel free to get Grover Cleveland in on the action as well.



  1. Congrats – you totally deserve it (though it makes me hide our stats under an old newspaper to be looked at in a year!)

  2. Thankee… I know it’s a bit of an e-peen thing, but it’s also just a cool milestone as well! Might as well celebrate *breaks out the pop rocks and coke*.

  3. that is awesome grats. You deserve to show it off for your great writing and dedication. I broke my milestone yesterday with 1000 in about month blogging. Not as big but all this 0’s look cool.

  4. Gratz mang! 🙂

  5. Gratz Syp, I’m a bit of a stat whore myself but mine are not nearly as impressive. I’m approaching 25k hits after 3 months – not nearly as impressive as yours but I’m happy with it none the less.

  6. Grats Syp. Keep the interesting commentary and information flowing and I am sure that number will grow even higher as the game approaches.

  7. It is always a great thing to get some recognition on something you put so much effort into.

    it’s a great site and plan on coming back daily like always!

  8. Nice, and BTW: http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20080711005087&newsLang=en

    “Mythic Entertainment Launches the Guild Beta”

  9. Pretty soon is going to be time to break out the Syp branded merchandise. 😛

  10. WTB Ruler for your epeen…..nah jk, this website deserves it 100%

  11. Hurray!

  12. My merchandise is going to come off the assembly line pre-broken. Y’know, for kids.

  13. Thats incredible. In 4 months???!!?!? What have you been doing? Giving out cheap drugs?? lol jks. Great work. Its an impressive achievement and I wish you well for the future.

  14. I somehow missed this in all the hubbub (sp?). As others have said, congratulations, you deserve it 🙂

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