Da Newz – July 10

July 10, 2008

Story of the Week: [tie] Browncoat shakes the boat & Silex hits the jackpot

  • While it wasn’t a huge news week, two stories did bubble to the top. Browncoat on WHA wrote an argumentative piece on Mythic’s marketing strategy, which got wordy Mark Jacobs to respond. Meanwhile, Silex from Warhammer Info wrote up a simply awesome hands-on article (with pics) from a recent convention.

Beta Ticker:

  • 762,013
  • +9,460 from last week

Quotes of the Week:

  • The way beta is going right now, I’d expect the NDA to be lifted sooner, rather than later. I want to lift the NDA well before the OB.” ~ Mark Jacobs
  • The beta ticker on warhammeronline.com shows nearly 750,000 beta signups and at least half of those are European.” ~ Iain Compton
  • We’ve thrown away some of our most darling ideas because they turned out to be crap…” ~ Paul Barnett

New Sites & Blogs:

From EA Mythic:

Articles & Features:

Videos & Podcasts:

Fun & Games:



  1. I have a feeling Mythic is going to blow our minds soon with an awesome news week and you are going to have to 2 part Da Newz. Everybody is on the edge of their seats now. LET US SEE THE NEW TRAILER!! Please?

  2. Awesome, as always. I dunno how you do it 😉

    And hey, apparently I wrote something about hype a few days before browncoat. I’d totally forgotten that. I feel so on-trend 😉

  3. I’m scared of E3 next week, I’m working more than normal 🙂

  4. I have probably read half of the posts, but I don’t know until I visit them. *sigh*
    At least we have tabs in these modern days… now all I need is a function to mark a large pile of text and select “open all links” (although firefox would probably say I’m crazy)

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