The Rules of the Blogroll

July 8, 2008

You may have noticed that WAAAGH!’s blogroll has been growing faster than the price of gas these days (but not by much) — in the first few months of doing this blog, a new WAR site was a rare treat, a delicate tidbit from the gardens of the gods, freshly plucked for almost exclusive delights.

I think I’m hungry.

Anyway, we’re most definitely on an exponential path to release and beyond, in terms of new sites and blogs opening their doors weekly — more and more just keep on storming in, and they’re all welcome. Unlike MMOs themselves, which demand loyalty and monogamous relationships, you the reader have the option of being a fan of as many blogs and sites as you so wish! I certainly don’t demand that you sit in front of your computer with WAAAGH! loaded onto your browser, hitting “refresh” ten times a minute just to see if my brain farts anything else semi-productive for the day. There’s loads of great Warhammer material out there to read up on daily, and that’s why I’m happy to continuously expand WAAAGH!’s blogroll. New or old, established or novice, mega-site or mom-and-pop operation, we want to share the traffic love. What goes around, comes around, after all.

I encourage you to check out these many great sites and blogs, but if you happen to run one of these places, just know that I have two rules for the blogroll — and a violation of either one results in your link being removed. Yup, I’m just that hardcore.

RULE #1: You have to keep your site or blog alive, with semi-regular content updates. If a site goes dead for a very, very long time, then there’s no reason to keep on promoting it.

RULE #2: Be a helpful, friendly part of the WAR community. If you’re antagonistic to other sites or blogs (in a mean way), if you’re exclusive or insular, if you think the entire WAR world revolves around you and you can’t be bothered to be part of the larger community, then I have no desire to see your name sully this blog. To date, I’ve only ever removed one site from my blogroll because of a snobby, elitist attitude (I won’t mention which one, but I’m sure if you’re bored you can figure it out).

SUPPLEMENTAL RULE #1: Also, I generally don’t link to guild websites. I have nothing against them, but their content is more for their own guild, and not the community at large. Plus, it’d get ridiculously long and complicated trying to keep up with every guild out there.

SUPPLEMENTAL RULE #2: Finally, I’m not putting up links to foreign language sites, not to be a snobbish anglophile or anything, but pretty much because if I can’t understand that language, I have no idea as to the quality or content of the site. It might say “WAR” up top, but it could easily be a filthy-mouthed rant against Donald Duck (“donaldo ducarina”) for the next six paragraphs. I will, however, link to these sites from time to time in Da Newz if they provide an English translation for their articles.



  1. I totally agree, and have been thinking myself about how to address the influx of sites. I have taken a couple out from time to time and I do look at them every day so I can try and keep track of it. It’s kind of interesting, but I can imagine the blogroll could become some kind of indigestion πŸ™‚

  2. I had a blogroll for my WoW blog that was so over-grown…I spent more time reading than I did playing or working.

    I have a few and I am watching a few others out there before adding them to the list…not that I don’t like or support them. I just know it is going to explode once the game goes live.

  3. It is a great communtity I love reading everybodies different takes on the game. I can’t wait for it to release and read all the great stories.

  4. Awww…I didn’t make the list! 😦

    Not feeling the love.

  5. Well then I’m glad I’ve been updating the blog more lately. πŸ™‚

    ~ Dave

  6. @ Blackwings – I do keep track of your blog, but you’re not primarily a WAR blog, which most of the rest of these are. Not a slight on you at all.

  7. […] posted tonight about the rules for staying on his blogroll : RULE #2: Be a helpful, friendly part of the WAR community. If you’re antagonistic to other […]

  8. Not taken personally at all Syp, no worries. I am primarily a whatever I’m playing at the time blog heh. Probably more along the lines of site like Massively or Keen and Graev – just not in the same league. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for reading my stuff though – nice to know all those visits aren’t just bots lol

  9. great stuff I agree whole hartedly with what your saying and as I’ve just started a Blogroll on my own site (The Captains Blog) Feel the same. In the end these lists need quality links not just a huge amount of content. Keep up the good work and I love the Chaos Cast too πŸ™‚

  10. I hope my blog doesn’t count as too exclusive, since it’s “all archmages, all the time.” I will discuss other classes…at least in the context of “How do we kill this one?” πŸ˜‰

    I spend a good portion of my morning trolling every blog on Syp’s roll. It’s a great loadout.

  11. I like your rules and coupldn’t agree more.

    I really like the picture though, what are those and where can I purchase?

    Do you bake them?!

  12. I think the amount of WAR blogs are going to skyrocket after the release of the game. It will be interesting to see how many last for the long term after they have exhausted all topics in relation to the game.

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