Things That Needed To Be Said

July 7, 2008

It’s easy to put off less-than-exciting chores, and I’ve been avoiding one for a while: reorganizing the categories on WAAAGH! to help readers find what they’re looking for faster. So today I’ve added a slew of new categories to the right there, and removed the ugly little tag cloud that sat below it (bye-bye, tags!). The category list will improve over the next few weeks as I reorganize everything.

I also want to issue a blanket apology for the past, present and future — while I do write quite a bit and enjoy getting comments on these posts, I’m not always the best “responder” to comments or e-mails. Sometimes it takes me a while, sometimes it looks like I didn’t hear you or thought what you said was interesting. Not so! It’s something I’ll be working harder at improving, but in the meanwhile, please don’t take it personal if I don’t respond to you right away — I very much appreciate everyone’s thoughts and comments on the blog! Or I might be dead from an anteater attack. Either way, don’t mind me.

I am not The Greenskin. But feel free to continue to use my name whenever you’re linking to said Greenie. I take royalty checks!

For those of you writing in to ask which server or side Chrono Chaos will be playing on, I have to remind you all that this is a pretend time traveling guild. It only exists in figments and such. So join if you like, but unless you use a time machine to go back and traumatize my childhood to the point where I’ll make this guild into a reality, we will have to go undercover into other guilds to find their weaknesses and exploit them.

Or maybe it is real and I’m just messing with youse.



  1. ive been to the future. chrono chaos is a real guild. … said…. too….. much… already….. time-space… you will… play …on the……. side….o. o…. of………. gahhhhhhhhhh *disappears.

  2. messing wit uz?

    Most non-triumphant.

  3. Lol – I noticed that link coming into my site from TTH and was like, “wtf?” I didn’t know who to contact for a fix, so I didn’t bother reporting it. 😛

    I like my ugly tag cloud!

  4. I just ordered my T-shirt too. It says, ” Chrono Chaos is the future. Without us WAR is dead!” Now you told me it is not real I’m going to have to wear it secretly in the bathroom while I cry and drink my Zima.

  5. Without Chrono Chaos, I couldn’t do book previews!

  6. Chrono Chaos will live in some form or another, whether Syp likes it or not. This is the snowball effect and it cannot be stopped. Chrono Chaos forever! Waaagh!


  7. And this is how a cult leader feels. Interesting. Want some kool-aid?

  8. “Oh no….Oh no……Chrono Chaos isn’t a real gui-”

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